10 Weirdest Sites To See In America (PHOTOS, POLL)

10 Weirdest Sites To See In America (PHOTOS, POLL)

America the beautiful, sure, but America the strange? You bet. The people at ShermansTravel.com have dug up 10 weird sites in America that run the gamut from natural abnormalities (albino squirrels, displaced deserts) to the just out-and-out odd (gravity vortexes, mystery lights). Hit the road this summer and seek out the curious and entertaining oddities sprinkled across the nation (many are conveniently located off major highways). Set out to scratch your travel itch, but count on scratching your head, too. Sneak a peek at all 10 weird sites with America's Weirdest Sites slideshow. (Text and captions courtesy of ShermanTravel.com, adapted from "Top 10 Weirdest Sights in America.")

Coral Castle - Homestead Florida

The Top 10 Weirdest Sites In America

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