10-Year-Old Reporter Damon Weaver Gets His Credentials

10-Year-Old Reporter Damon Weaver Gets His Credentials

Oh frabjous day! This evening, upon my return home, I got a message from Jezebel.com's Megan Carpentier that cheered my heart, and is bound to increase the temperature of your cockles, as well, without pharmaceuticals even. Ten-year-old elementary school cub reporter Damon "The Future of Journalism" Weaver has successfully hurdled one of his Inauguration Week obstacles:

MSNBC is reporting that Damon Weaver, whose quest for an inaugural press credential to interview Barack Obama we previously chronicled, has been granted one by the Inaugural Committee. Now he just needs the interview, Rahm.

Everytime we post on Damon Weaver, we get a lot of emails detailing how happy this kid's story makes people. And when it looked like he may not get to participate in the inaugural festivities, lots of people wanted to help, and sent emails around on Weaver's behalf. Most importantly, whenever we mention Weaver, we always get an email from Brian Zimmerman, Weaver's teacher, offering his gratitude on behalf of him and his student. So this ended up being a very nice thing for lots of people to have participated in, here at HuffPo and elsewhere.

Of course, the road is not yet fully run! We're still hoping that Damon gets his chance to speak to the President-Elect, thus granting America the full-on cute-gasm it will need to weather the coming recession. So let's sweeten the pot! Here's a video of Damon's friend, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, who pledges to play Obama in a game of one-on-one when he comes to Washington, DC to play the Washington Wizards on April 4.


Wade promises a "competitive game," and, indeed, if you've seen the Wizards play this season, it will probably end up being a closer contest than the scheduled Wizards-Heat match-up. So upside: a one-day bailout of DC's sagging professional basketball industry.

Anyway, congratulations to Damon Weaver!

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