This 10-Year-Old Girl Just Crushed Steph Curry In A 3-Point Contest

Sorry Steph, but this girl has mad skills.

As part of a Footlocker campaign, 10-year-old Jaden Newman challenged Warriors guard Stephen Curry to a three-point shooting competition. Before they started, Newman asked him to sign a note that read: “Please excuse Jaden Newman from class today. She’s beating Stephen Curry in a three-point competition."

She did end up beating Curry, 16-15, and this is just a day in the life for Newman. Despite her age, she currently plays girls varsity basketball for Downey Christian School in Orlando, Florida, and received a recruiting package from the University of Miami in June, according to USA Today.

"She wants to be like Diana Taurasi," Jamie Newman, Jaden's father and head coach for Downey's boys' and girls' varsity teams, told ESPN last year. "She wants to play for her country, for Connecticut and in the WNBA."



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