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Dad Attends His 10-Year-Old Daughter's 'Wedding' From Hospital Bed (VIDEO)

Johnny Wells is focused on the happiness of one very special person: his 10-year-old daughter, Nakeol.

The loving dad wishes that he could be there to walk his little girl down the aisle on her wedding day, but he knows his wish cannot be fulfilled. Wells has been fighting chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for years, and his time with Nakeol is limited.

"His baby is the reason he has stayed alive this long," Nakeol's mom told CBS affiliate KCTV.

Though he knows he'll be unable to be there for his beloved daughter on her wedding day, Wells came up with an alternative plan, organizing an unforgettable ceremony for his child from his hospital bed.

Over the weekend, Wells, dressed in a smart tuxedo, presented a ring to Nakeol as a pastor looked on. The 10-year-old is supposed to wear the ring until her wedding day.

"I came up with the idea to have a little ceremony where she could make promises to be faithful to the man she would marry," Wells told KCTV.

Since Wells' story first made headlines, the moving video of the family's special ceremony has spread like wildfire on the Internet. As CNN notes, the video has likely inspired families across the nation to hold "similar ceremonies for their dying loved ones."

Last month, a similar story made headlines when 62-year-old Fred Evans, who has only months to live, organized a surprise ceremony to walk two of his daughters down the aisle. He shared a quiet moment with each daughter and gave them his blessing.

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