10 Yoga Stars You Should Follow To Get Your Daily Practice Going

Spark your inner zen with one scroll at a time

Pull out your mat, grab your cell phone, and get inspired wherever you are!

Whether you’re looking for motivation, instructional videos or just some beautiful photos, these 10 yogis are sure to liven up your Instagram feed.

From beginners to professionals and all levels in between, these accounts extend a helping hand with tips and inspiration to take your practice to the next level.

Next time you’re feeling a bit frantic, ditch the stress for a moment of zen and remember: Ready, set, scroll!

1. Rachel Brathen, @yoga_girl

This yoga girl is all about the art of letting go. Follow her for some inspiring tips on releasing the negativity within.

breathe deeply into the essence of your own being. _ @oneoeight.tv #breathe #practice

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2. Kerri Verna, @beachyogagirl

This yogi is all about making anything a yoga friendly environment. Follow her for some moves on the beach or at home.

3. Caitlin Turner, @gypsetgoddess

This nature loving goddess makes yoga on mountain tops look easy. Follow her for some yoga motivation.

4. Robin Martin, @robinmartinyoga

This yoga instructor emphasizes the importance of progress. Follow her for some tips on how to start small.

5. Amanda Bisk, @amandabisk

This yogi makes exercising look beautiful! Follow her account for some stunning tips and inspiration.

6. Dylan Werner, @dylanwerneryoga

This yogi is all about inspiring ways to find balance in nature. Follow his account for some tips and fitspiration.

The greatest journey is the one that leads you here. #revolvedairbaby #yoga

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7. Patrick Beach, @patrickbeach

This yogi makes us feel like every man should do yoga. Follow his account for some yoga motivation.

yoga and good jams are a magical fucking combo 🙏🏼 new song of the day everyday on snapchat :: pbeatsfood #yoga

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8. Michael, @misterely

This yogi master is all about sparking inner balance. Follow his Instagram accounts for tips on how to find yours.

9. David Romero, @theyogidr

This USC professor and yoga instructor is all about finding your inner peace. Follow his account for some body and soul inspiration.

"If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live, or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair, but ask me what I am living for, in detail, ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for." Thomas Merton Purpose I love these types of questions. What are we really living for? What is our purpose? More specifically - what is YOUR purpose? If we aren't living our purpose...then what are we doing? If we are lucky - we have 70-80+ years of heartbeats and breathes. So what are we doing to make those heartbeats and breathes count? There is no right or wrong answer. But there is an aligned and unaligned answer. If we are living out a life that feels unaligned, perhaps we need to reflect, meditate, and make changes that bring us back into a space of alignment. Moving into a space of alignment can be challenging. Often times alignment initially creates instability, but once we become aligned; power, strength, stability, and beauty arise. What's my purpose? Ultimately...to let the universe be an expression of itself through me. Easier said than done. Where I'm at right now...to share and teach my truth as I know it at this moment. My purpose is to be a better presence on this planet...to teach kindness, love, compassion, and alignment. Most of my work is on myself...so that I can share my experiences. It's one big experiment. It's Fri-yay - honor yourself and take some time to reflect. Ask yourself if you are living a life of purpose. If the answer is yes: 👊🏼. If it's not: ask what you can do to be more aligned with your purpose. I promise you the answer is there, the actions in order to realign will be the work. Wishing everyone a beautiful day! Namaste 📷: @jtullyphotography Thank you 🙏🏼 Mat: @mandukayoga Necklace: @energymuse Pants: @vuoriclothing #yoga #yogi #picoftheday #balance #strong #strength #mensfitness #fitfam #fitness #workout #yogaeverydamnday #yogaeveryday #crossfit #igyoga #yogainspiration #rawmovement #calisthenics #love #instayoga #instafitness #model #inspire #igfitness #leagueofextraordinaryyogis #iloveyoga #yogaeverywhere #yogalove #ocean #goals #photograph

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10. Jared McCann, @wearejared

This yoga instructor is all about finding strength within chaos. Follow his account for some tips on how to feel grounded.

Ask with faith

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