10 Young Women Activists Honor Civil Rights Heroes Who Came Before Them

MTV's new series features unsung female champions.

This Martin Luther King Day, MTV is honoring the heroic civl rights figure by spotlighting several women activists throughout history who also fought for equality. 

MTV's "Day of Heroes" will air on the network Monday, showing ten short videos of current female activists honoring women who made great contributions to civil rights throughout history. The videos will be aired during commercial breaks throughout the day. 

Among those featured are activists like Bree Newsome -- the young woman who courageously scaled the flagpole outside of the South Carolina statehouse to remove the Confederate flag. In one video, Newsome talks about Diane Nash, a leader of the Freedom Riders who represented the group of civil rights activists who rode buses through the south to protest segregation. 


Nash, who played a key role in the Selma voting rights movement, was also a founding member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, an important student-led civil rights organization in the 1960s.     

"Nash's work demonstrates the tremendous impact students can make on society," Newsome said. 

Other videos honor major labor, civil and LGBT activists like translatina advocate Isa Nyola who honors Miss Major, a fighter for trans rights and Gaby Pacheco, a nationally recognized immigrant rights leader who honors Dolores Huerta, a labor and civil rights activist who, along with Cesar Chavez in 1962, co-founded the United Farm Worker's Union.

"Huerta's work shows us that women made a great impact on the labor movement in our country," Pacheco says in one clip. 

Monday's programming is part of MTV's "Look Different" project, an anti-bias campaign that launched in 2014 and includes dozens of specials around discrimination and bias.

Last year, the network kicked off #TheTalk, a day-long black-and-white programming on MLK day where people like Kendrick Lamar, Ava DuVernay and Rep. John Lewis shared their thoughts on race relations. 

This year's MLK programming will air on MTV Monday from 10am - 7 pm EST.  

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