This Man Ate 100 Chipotle Burritos To Help His Fraternity Brother With Cancer

When one fraternity brother wanted to raise money for a good cause, he started eating burritos. Lots and lots of burritos.

When one fraternity brother wanted to raise money for a good cause, he started eating burritos. Lots and lots of burritos.

Pi Kappa Alpha member Joe Gallo learned earlier this year that his fraternity brother Bret Grund had been diagnosed with stage IV glioma, a kind of brain cancer. With a GoFundMe campaign, the recent graduate of Bowling Green State University made it his mission to help cover Grund's medical costs by eating one Chipotle burrito every day for 100 days.

"I came up with the idea to build awareness for Brett's situation and use it as a way to help raise funds for him," says Gallo in the video above. "Instead of doing a 5k, I'm eating 100 days of burritos."

The delicious challenge began May 21 and was documented on Instagram through videos and pictures tagged #100DaysForGrundFund.

Gallo finished his 100th burrito during a fundraiser hosted Aug. 29 by Elite Daily at Ainsworth Park in Manhattan. Friends, family and supporters cheered him on as he peeled back the Chipotle tin foil and took his final chomps.

The GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $3,000 since Gallo began his 100-day challenge, and the fund is still accepting donations. Gallo hopes to reach $10,000.

A previous GoFundMe campaign raised more than $9,000 for Grund.

#5) L’Patron, Chicago: Carne Asada
This neon green Logan Square spot has not only conquered Chicago’s burrito scene, they’ve conquered carne asada as well. Grilled to order, still a little pink, beefy, expertly seasoned, not overly greasy, it’s carne asada perfection. When partnered with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, homemade refried beans, and avocado (and roasted poblanos if you’re feeling adventurous), it’s a masterpiece. Photo Credit: Yelp/ Triphena WClick Here to see More of America’s 35 Best Burritos
#4) Papalote Mexican Grill, San Francisco: Carne Asada
Papalote really has it all: a bright, clean, and welcoming dining room, an expansive menu, food made from scratch, and, most importantly, the most delicious burrito you’re bound to ever eat. In order to stand out in the Mission District, you need to be really good, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Start with your choice of four tortillas (white, whole wheat, Roma tomato, and spinach), then add on grilled-to-order steak, rice, beans (black, pinto, or refried), and pico de gallo (add sour cream, cheese, and guacamole to make it a "Super"). Top it off with salsa that’s so good it’s jarred and sold separately, and you’re got a burrito that’s just about perfect. Photo Credit: © Flickr / Jeremy Keith
#3) The Shed, Santa Fe, N.M.: Green Chile Burrito
This Santa Fe institution has been spreading the green and red chile gospel since it opened in 1953, and is so renowned that there are often lines to get in. Just about everything on the menu of traditional Hispanic and Pueblo recipes is delicious, especially the legendary red chile cheese enchilada, but the green chile burrito is one of the best you’ll ever encounter. Its simplicity is what makes it so great: it’s just pinto beans, white Cheddar, and onion rolled up in a flour tortilla and topped with their famous green chile sauce, served with Spanish rice on the side. It’s all about the chile at The Shed, and this is arguably the best way to experience it. Photo Credit: © Flickr / Vicki DevineClick Here to see More of America’s 35 Best Burritos
#2) La Taqueria, San Francisco: Carnitas
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#1) La Azteca Tortilleria, Los Angeles: Chile Relleno Burrito
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