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50 Cavity-Proof Easter Egg Stuffers

While my boys still get a bit of candy in their baskets, I am always on the lookout for non-edible, fun treats to fill the plastic eggs for our family Easter egg hunt.
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If your kiddos are anything like mine, by the time Easter Sunday rolls around, they've already gorged themselves silly on candy from town egg hunts and classroom parties.

While my boys still get a bit of candy in their baskets, I am always on the lookout for non-edible, fun treats to fill the plastic eggs for our family Easter egg hunt.

I am sharing my top 50 cavity-proof easter egg stuffer ideas here. Some are generic ideas and others are brand-specific -- prices range from .10 to about $10.00.

All of these items will fit in either a small or medium-sized plastic egg. Have fun, Bunnies!

1) Marbles (the indie bookstore in our town has a large bin of assorted marbles that cost .10 each!)

2) Cool rocks and minerals (check indie bookstores or toy stores for these)

3) Lego Minfigures (take them out of the packaging)

4) Handmade vouchers for special privileges (such as "Good for one pick-up from school by Mom, not bus.")

5) Matchbox cars (again, take out of the packaging. Smaller-sized cars will fit in the medium eggs.)

6) Vera Bradley Colorful Hair Elastics

7) Golf balls

8) Stickers (scratch and sniff are a bonus!)

9) Play-Doh mini containers

10) Flavored ChapStick

11) Two-dollar bills (get them from your bank.)

12) Silver dollars

13) Erasers

14) Plastic fire, police or Army people (drug stores often have inexpensive bags of these in the toy section.)

15) Shark teeth

16) Temporary tattoos

17) Hot Wheels Monster Jam minis

18) Schleich animal figurines

19) Mardi Gras beads

20) Cute magnets

21) Guitar picks

22) Kaskey Kids Mini Football, Hockey, or Soccer players

23) Fizzy bath bombs (my favorite for the kids are Lush

24) Seed packets (if folded, they fit in the medium eggs.)

25) Fabric hair bands

26) Mini canvases (They fit in medium eggs! Available at art stores)

27) ALEX Toys -- Bathtime Fun Draw In The Tub crayons

28) CHARM IT! kids charms (about $5 each and these will remind you of the popular chunky, plastic, charm necklaces of the 1980s, but cuter. Available at

29) Playmobil figurines (buy an individual package and put the pieces in a medium egg, not built.)

30) Homemade voucher for items (example. "Good for one free song download on iTunes.")

31) Ear buds

32) Loom bands

33) Mini Slinky

34) Hexbug Nano Robotic Bug

35) Mini Sharpies

36) Nerf darts

37) Old-fashioned Jacks

38) Jibbitz Shoe Charms for Crocs

39) Finger puppets (IKEA has some cute ones that will fit in eggs.)

40) Mattel WWE Wrestling Rumblers Mini Figures

41) Cute pencil sharpeners

42) Shells

43) Little cookie cutters for Play-Doh or cookie baking

44) Melissa and Doug Wooden Stamps

45) Calico Critters

46) Mini Yo-Yos

47) Silly Putty (a bonus is it already comes in an egg!)

48) Soft pastel crayons (available at art stores)

49) Cute spring, enamel earrings like lady bugs and flowers

50) Make your child something special. You know how excited we get when our kiddos bring home a special, handmade, holiday gift for us from school! Find a special rock or shell, paint it, and put it in an egg with love for your kiddo.