100 Days Of Deception, Corruption, Chaos, And Treason

100 Days of Deception, Corruption, Chaos, and Treason
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One hundred days in the office of the presidency and what does Donald Trump have to show for it? That seems to be the compelling question of the day.

While the news media is saturated with journalists pondering whether Trump has succeeded in making good on his promises and implementing his agenda, millions of us are asking: how can we stop Trump from keeping his promises and successfully implementing his agenda? When you’re watching a thief make off with everything of value in your house, you’re not asking: Why can’t he be more successful at ramming my grandmother’s antique dresser and all my jewels into his van? You’re asking: How do we stop this guy before he cleans out the house and leaves us with nothing?

So here’s my accounting of Trump’s first 100 days:

100 days of assaulting the truth and pummeling the facts.

100 days of baseless promises and blow-hard evasions.

100 days of head-spinning inconsistency.

100 days of mind-blowing presidential ignorance.

100 days of lies, lies, and more lies.

100 days of bullshit.

100 days of stupid.

100 days of billionaires and finance titans in a cabinet that was promised to be a bastion of protection for white, unemployed people living in poverty.

100 days of skunks in a White House so swampy it’s drowning in its own malodorous crud-filled murk.

100 days of the American proto-fascist reptile creeping around the White House to see how far it can get and who will hold it back (the courts? the people in the streets? the news media?)

100 days of fear: what Constitutional rights will Trump stomp on next? The rights of people to peaceably assemble? To free speech? To breathe clean air?

100 days of a President who most closely resembles a blustering 5th grade bully parading around the playground.

100 days of tearing my hair out as daily newscasters treat jaw-dropping deceptions as straight news.

100 days of absurdity raised to an art form.

100 days of “alternative facts,” a rigged election, and dismantling democracy.

100 days of the White House cover-up of the Trump-Russia connection; i.e., the treasonous electoral collaboration of an American Presidential candidate with a hostile foreign government.

100 days of FBI and Congressional investigations of the most outrageous violation of our nation’s democracy by a Presidential candidate in American history, with no neutral, independent investigator.

100 days of hatred, scapegoating, xenophobia, and racism disguised as “national security” issues; i.e., keep out the immigrants, refugees, Muslims, and Mexicans; keep down the women, Jews, LGBT’s, and people of color.

100 days of hiding income tax returns.

100 days of corruption; i.e., the Trump family dynasty enriching itself.

100 days of unprecedented ethics-breaching by an American President.

100 days of covering up the President’s ties to criminal money laundering.

100 days of off-the-wall and infantile Tweets from a sitting President as his primary means of communication.

100 days of a United States President behaving like a common drug addict in the throes of his addiction; i.e., stealing, evading, lying, deceiving, and denying the obvious.

100 days of nepotism; i.e., assigning unpaid jobs to family ‘advisors’ that give them quid-pro-quo influence with foreign nations resulting in, for example, an exclusive contract for Ivanka’s health spas and handbags in China. And god knows what to Jared and Trump himself.

100 days of Presidential and White House secrecy and charades.

100 days of getting our best news commentary from comedians and talk show hosts, e.g. Saturday Night Live, Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Samantha Bee.

100 days of nightmares. (The day after the election I dreamed that Trump came to my bed expecting me to have sex with him, then took a dump in his tidy whities and thought this was cute—Ugh!!!)

100 days of misogyny and turning back the clock on women’s sovereign rights to their own bodies.

100 days of leveling a sustained and potentially devastating attack on Planned Parenthood, leading provider of health care for poor women.

100 days of trying to steal people’s health insurance and calling it a “great” plan.

100 days of pretending that he cares about people affected by the worst drug epidemic in American history—the opiate epidemic decimating families and communities throughout the country (while trying to cut back funding that might begin to address the issue).

100 days of Kelly Anne Conway (sent to her room approximately 70 days in).

100 days of neo-Satanist Steve Bannon (removed from some of his duties approximately 80 days in).

100 days of a Nazi in the White House serving as a “terrorism advisor.” (You can’t make this stuff up).

100 days of laughing at Sean Spicer while biting my fingernails down to the cuticle.

100 days of free public education of the American people on the nature of narcissistic and sociopathic personality disorders.

100 days of science-denial and climate-change denial.

100 days of attempting to dial back the achievements of the Enlightenment; i.e., rational thought and human rights.

100 days of a braying jackass whose every grunt is recorded for posterity by news professionals who can’t see the forest for the trees.

100 days of moral nausea and disgust on the part of people of good conscience everywhere.

100 days of promises about The Fucking Wall.

100 days of saber-rattling against Kim Jong-un, one of the few world leaders crazier than Donald Trump.

100 days of patriarchal penile competitions with other totalitarian male tyrants like Bashar al-Assad and Kim Jong-un.

100 days of the Trump-Putin bromance (recently not burning as hot as before).

100 days of compliments paid to kindred totalitarian spirits sympatico with Trump’s characterological authoritarianism. (Additions to Trump’s previous list of Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin: Syria’s Assad, Turkey’s Erdogan, Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, and China’s Xi Jinping).

100 days of moving the hand on the Nuclear Disaster Clock from 10 minutes to 30 seconds to midnight.

100 days of dismantling protections against corporate violence against the Earth through continued drilling, mountain-top removal, coal mining, and pollution.

100 days of preparing to sell conservation land to the highest bidder and destroy the EPA.

100 days of spewing hot air about reviving a doomed and dying coal industry while ignoring the growing, non-polluting sustainable energy industries.

100 days of deciding to make it easier for mentally ill people to buy guns and sleeping bears to be targets of rifle-wielding killers.

100 days of buttressing the worst among us—racist, anti-Semitic skinheads, neo-Nazis, and white nationalists now politely referred to as the ‘alt-right’—encouraging these maggots to crawl out from under their rocks and hold high their swastika and confederate flags.

100 days of hypocrisy; e.g., appointing Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka as advisors and flirting with Holocaust denial while also delivering a speech repudiating anti-Semitism on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

100 days of Dr. Strangelovean antics glowingly described as “presidential” by the colluding media who asked whether Trump’s bombing of Syria and the use of the “Mother of All Bombs” in Afghanistan represent a new “Trump doctrine.”

100 days of Trump trying to bully government institutions like the Courts and Congress in order to get his way.

100 days of one thing accomplished—the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch—a shill for corporate cruelty—to the Supreme Court. (And all it took was the Republican-dominated Senate lowering itself to the “nuclear option”).

100 days of the President trying to get something (anything) done by presenting a tax plan to Congress that would astronomically ramp up the national debt and should be called Welfare for the Wealthy—rationalized by the idea that the crumbs of the wealthy will fall on the plates of the poor.

100 days of attempting to cut off funding for protections for the most vulnerable among us.

100 days of heightened threats to the Earth and all sentient beings.

100 days of anxiety and PTSD. Mitigated by 100 days of Resistance.

100 days of incompetence—which may be, paradoxically, one of the best barriers against Trump’s threats to American democracy, world stability, and nuclear sanity.

100 days of Insane masquerading as Normal.

100 days of a Fake President.

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