100 Illustrators You Should Know Right Now

12 Illustrators You Should Know

Illustration nerds, it's time to get your geek on. A new book out from Taschen this December aims to pinpoint 100 of the most significant illustrators working in the field today. From Gary Baseman to Istvan Banyai, the compilation surveys visual artists from around the globe who've left their mark on the realm of illustration over the past several decades.

Edited by Steven Heller and Julius Wiedemann, 100 Illustrators is based off the Illustration Now! series, which profiles draftsmen across the world, exploring the career trajectories and oeuvres of illustration's finest. For 100 Illustrators, Heller narrowed a list of 600 possible artists included in the series over the years to a final roster of names like Mirko Ilić, Anita Kunz, and Christoph Niemann.

While you twiddle your thumbs and huddle over your drawing boards in anticipation of the book's publication, we've put together a preview of 10 illustrators you should now. Scroll through the selection below and let us know your thoughts on the picks in the comments.

1. Dave Calver

Spring, 2000, Dave Calver, American Showcase, cover; colored pencil, marker and acrylic

2. Tim Biskup

Golden Plague, 2004, Tim Biskup, Personal work; cel-vinyl acrylic and gold leaf on panel

3. Jean-Philippe Delhomme

Opening at Gagosian, 2010, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Personal work, The Unknown Hipster, book; gouache

4. Antoine Helbert

Marie-Antoinette, 2010, Antoine Helbert, Personal work; hand-drawn and digital

5. Patrick Hruby

Robot 3, 2011, Patrick Hruby, Sappi Fine Paper; digital

6. Jeremyville

Desolate Night, Hell’s Kitchen, 2011, Jeremyville, Personal work; pen and screen printing

7. Liz Lomax

The Rolling Stones, 2004, Liz Lomax, Rolling Stone magazine; polymer clay, oil paint, insulation foam and digital photography

8. Gabriel Moreno

Nike Store, 2011, Gabriel Moreno, Nike, advertising; pencil on paper and digital

9. Jody Hewgill

David Bowie, 2004, Jody Hewgill, Rolling Stone magazine; acrylic on gessoed ragboard

10. Mark Summers

Edvard Grieg, 1996, Mark Summers, Caldey Island, charity calendar; scratchboard

11. eBoy

MLK-Nike Game Cover, 2012, eBoy, Milk magazine, Hong Kong; digital

12. Istvan Banyai

The End of Print, 2009, Istvan Banyai, The Atlantic Monthly, cover for Fiction; pencil and digital

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