100 Percent Cork Ad: How The Wrong Wine Could Ruin The Perfect Date (VIDEO)


100% Cork's new advertising campaign targets men with the suggestion that their choice of wine could ruin an otherwise perfect date. The classy man in the video sums it up: "If you truly cared about her, you'd care about the earth."

The organization suggests that cork wine stoppers are the way to go, claiming that cork oak forests aren't cut down, but rather carefully and sustainably harvested. According to 100PercentCork.org, cork helps the planet by naturally absorbing carbon. It also provides jobs for thousands of Portuguese people.

Synthetic stoppers, on the other hand, end up doing more damage than one might imagine. Carbon dioxide emissions are 24 times higher for screw caps and 10 times higher for plastic stoppers than natural cork is, according to 100% Cork. Millions of synthetic stoppers end up in landfills and oceans, as they are not biodegradable like the natural cork.

Switching back to natural cork may seem insignificant, but as the video points out to all men trying to impress that special someone, "It's a little thing, but...why take such a big chance?"


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