Yes, Religion Can Still Be A Force For Good In The World. Here Are 100 Examples How

100 Religious Groups Doing Good In The World Today

Religion has made its way into many global conflicts, and there is no doubt that religion can be divisive and cause harm. That said, countless religious groups, congregations and individuals around the world offer daily demonstrations that faith can offer deep spiritual wisdom, be a major vehicle for service to the world and promote peace.

Here are 100 examples of how faith-based groups are doing good in the world today in no particular order. Many of them we found through #ReligionDoingGood - tweet us other examples of your religious community doing good with that hashtag.

Giving formerly gang-involved youth a second chance

homeboy industriesFounded by Father Greg Boyle in 1988, Homeboy Industries supports formerly gang-involved and incarcerated youth transition into a healthy and successful livelihood. In addition to offering social services, including case management, tattoo removal, mental health services and more, Homeboy operates several social enterprises. One such enterprise is Homegirl Café & Catering which employs past offenders, often in their first real jobs, assisting them through an 18-month training program for career development.

Providing trainings and support groups for people with disabilities in Sierra Leone

Founded in 2010 by a group of concerned Christian women, Women of Hope International works with people living with disabilities in Sierra Leone. The organization runs the HOPE center in Makeni, Sierra Leone which provides trainings, support groups, meetings and career development to women in the community.

Inspiring kids to care for the environment through immersive workshops

The Teva Learning Cener hosts immersive classes and retreats focused on the Jewish commitment to tikkun olam -- healing the world. Included in this is a series of youth programs aimed at inspiring kids to see the beauty in the natural environment and work toward sustainability in their communities.

Making LGBT rights a matter of religious freedom

The United Church of Christ filed a landmark lawsuit against the state of North Carolina in April for what the church called a violation of the free exercise of religion. The state's law makes it a misdemeanor to perform a wedding ceremony for a couple that does not have a license, which the UCC argued infringes upon the clergy's freedom of religion.

Teaching families valuable tools for disease prevention

Compassion UK is a Christian organization that runs multiple charities, including the Child Survival Programme which works with expecting mothers and caregivers to prevent malnutrition by teaching them how to better care for their children and prevent diseases.

Fostering an online community of social justice activists

The Faith-based Regeneration Network is an online resource for faith-based social action and community development. The group's website organizes information and resources about social justice actions and events in the UK.

Training churches on how to address HIV in their communities

The Christian AIDS Bureau of Southern Africa (CABSA) runs a program called Churches, Channels of Hope which trains facilitators to educate and minister churches on HIV awareness.

Wearing black in solidarity with women victims of violence

The World Council of Churches initiated a program called Thursdays in Black as a campaign to end violence against women and encourage people to wear black in solidarity with victims of violence.

Addressing poverty in South Africa by offering career training to the underprivileged

Project Gateway is a Christian service organization that runs the Empowerment program which provides long and short term assistance to people in impoverished communities in South Africa. Some of the Empowerment programs include a fashion school for career building, an overnight shelter and craft training.

Advocating for the marginalized

nuns on the bus immigration reformNuns On The Bus is a group of Catholic nuns who are not cloistered and instead drive around the country on a bus emblazoned with the slogan "Raise Your Hands, Raise Your Voice" in order to advocate for justice for immigrants and other marginalized people.

Hosting benefit concerts to support local charities

This Massachusetts UU church hosted a benefit concert, Music for Food, on May 30 which was organized by a local high school student in order to raise money for the Pettengill House food pantry. The concert featured classical and jazz performances by local musicians.

Building homes in Mexico

The City Bible Forum is partnering with Break Free Expeditions to send a group of volunteers to build homes in Mexico in September. They encourage anyone, regardless of their beliefs, to join the service trip.

Distributing bed nets throughout Africa to combat malaria

The Lutheran Malaria Initiative fundraises and provides education and nets for malaria prevention Tanzania, Mali, Uganda, and Kenya. The initiative has already reached 2.4 million people, according to its website, and plans on expanding to Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Nigeria, Guinea, Niger and Ghana in the near future.

Helping their community heal after a deadly school shooting

After the tragic shooting in Isla Vista in May, members of UC Santa Barbara's Cru organized a Hope for IV memorial where students and community members could pray, worship and remember those who lost their lives. Pastors from Isla Vista Church and Santa Barbara Community Church were present to pray with the mourners.

Doing LGBT outreach in their community

The Episcopal Church of Costa Rica has been highly engaged in LGBT outreach and recently sponsored a forum on faith, the Bible, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Providing resources to sex workers at risk for HIV

An episcopal organization in Honduras, Siempre Unidos operates three HIV/AIDS clinics and provides resources to sex workers including HIV tests, STD prevention education and social and emotional support.

Giving inmates a voice by putting their stories on stage

Run by the Episcopal Church of Arkansas, the Northwest Arkansas Prison Story Project stages performances of “Stories from the Inside Out” written by inmates as part of its prison justice ministry.

Offering free laundry services to the homeless

laundryCelebrated by congregations around the country, Laundry Love is a program that sponsors free laundry services for the poor and homeless. Thad's church in Los Angeles is one such congregation that operate a Laundry Love program every Monday in Venice Beach.

Making LGBT advocacy a primary concern of the church

More Light Presbyterians is a group of individual members of the Presbyterian Church that works on promoting equality through LGBT advocacy. On June 1 the group held a More Light Sunday service that focused "on God’s call to engage in difficult, but life-changing conversations" like gay marriage and LGBT issues.

Offering food, homework help and vocational training to orphans in South Africa

Ten Thousand Homes is a Christian organization based in South Africa that works to support orphans in the area. The group began by building simple homes for orphans but soon expanded to build community care centers where orphans could receive food, homework help and support. In 2008 the organization built a school for orphans past the age of 18 to receive vocational and economic training.

Giving youth the chance to serve in communities around the country

The Episcopal Service Corps organizes yearlong faith-based service projects for young people all over the country. The organization partners with service initiatives in multiple states that focus on sustainability, poverty, pastoral care and more.

Offering a year of service and spiritual development to Baha'i youth

The Baha'i Youth Service Corps operates in three schools around the country as a residential service program for volunteers aged 18-25. Volunteers serve for several months to a year assisting the school programs, leading spiritual education classes for children and youth and receiving mentoring to develop leadership skills.

Places Jewish volunteers in service projects in 11 countries around the world

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee runs a Jewish Service Corps that places volunteers in yearlong service projects abroad. JSC fellows are currently working in Argentina, China, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Israel, Latvia, Rwanda, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Promoting inclusion for children and adults with disabilities

yachadYachad promotes inclusion for children and adults with disabilities in the Jewish community. Among the organization's programs, Yachad facilitates school trainings to promote inclusion for children and adults with disabilities through sensitivity trainings, workshops and holiday celebrations with Yachad members.

Assisting undocumented migrants who might perish on the border

Founded in part by the Good Shepherd Church, a United Church of Christ congregation in Sahuarita, Arizona, Humane Borders operates a humanitarian response to the immigration crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border. The organization offers assistance to undocumented immigrants through water stations and warning posters urging migrants to reconsider the deadly trek across the border.

Challenging Islamophobia in the post 9/11 world

Shoulder to Shoulder is an interfaith campaign that stands together to work towards ending anti-Muslim sentiment founded in response to post 9/11 Islamophobia towards American Muslims.

Sponsoring a yearlong service program founded on the principle of inclusion

The Lutheran Volunteer Corps places volunteers in one-year service projects with organizations working on poverty, education, AIDS, the environment and more. The company is dedicated to inclusive values which involves exploring themes of racism and oppression and welcoming LGBT volunteers to the program.

Bringing high school students together for multicultural trainings

Agencies of the Aga Khan Development Network partnered with the Jamati Institutions of the Ismaili Muslim community to establish Global Encounters, a summer leadership program for high school students. This month-long program immerses students in workshops focused on service, culture and leadership.

Placing Jewish youth in anti-poverty service organizations

The AVODAH Jewish Service Corps organizes service work in anti-poverty organizations in Chicago, New Orleans, New York City, and Washington, DC. For example, AVODAH partners with New York's Bronx Defenders which provides client-centered criminal defense, legal service and social work. Volunteers work with the partner organization for a year while living communally with other participants.

Providing health care and clean water in Ethiopia

British Columbia's Lambrick Park Church partnered with Food for the Hungry Canada to form the Belo Partnership, which works to provide health care and clean water in the Sasiga region of Ethiopia. Belo works with several churches to support the partnership through ministries like the Kids Ministry which sells candy canes for Belo each year around Valentine’s Day.

Helping former foster care youth transition into adulthood

Established by the Unity church of San Antonio, the Thru Project provides support to former foster care youth as they integrate into adulthood. The project offers educational assistance and job-placement, as well as guidance and advocacy.

Providing online resources for victims of self-harm

Adullam Ministries is an online Christian resource for people with a history of self-harm and their caregivers. The website hosts valuable information about what self-harm is and how to get help, including inspiring stories from survivors.

Organizing charities races to support local service organizations

amyaThe Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association is a community of 15 to 40 year olds who pledge to sacrifice wealth, time and fame for the sake of their faith and nation. In addition to education and other charity events, the association coordinates the Mercy4Mankind Charity Challenge which raises money for various charities including Humanity First, Great Osmond Street Hospital and others.

Sending humanitarian aid to disaster regions

Khalsa Aid is a Sikh humanitarian organization that sends relief to disaster regions. The organization most recently served in Haiti following the devastating 2010 earthquake to collect dry foods and sleeping bags for the thousands displaced in the disaster.

Fostering a loving community for special needs kids and their families

The Friendship Circle was founded under the Jewish belief, V’Ahavta L’Reacha Kamocha -- love your fellow as yourself. The organization works to create a supportive Jewish community for special needs children and their families by matching high school volunteers with kids to offer support and friendship.

Advocating for the poor and homeless through affordable housing

Back Bay Mission meets the urgent needs of those suffering from poverty and its effects while building pathways to social justice. One way they do this is through an affordable housing initiative which helps homeless individuals and families secure safe, affordable housing.

Organizing youth around interfaith activism and dialogue

ifycFounded by interfaith leader Eboo Patel, the Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) works to build religious pluralism through youth activism. IFYC's Better Together campaign supports student-led actions on college campuses to promote religious literacy and tolerance.

Offering temporary housing to homeless men

A ministry of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement, St. Christopher's Inn is a temporary homeless shelter dedicated to the rehabilitation of men in crisis, who are referred to as "Brothers Christopher." In addition to temporary housing, the Inn offers chemical dependency treatment, primary health care and spiritual counseling.

Providing affordable health care to all, regardless of faith

UMMA Community Clinic was founded by a group of Muslim medical students in Los Angeles in the 1990s. The clinic offers high-quality health care to all regardless of faith, race or financial ability. UMMA also hosts semi-annual health fairs where services including cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose and diabetes screenings, vaccinations, and health education are offered at no cost.

Empowering women through ESL and consumer literacy trainings

Dating back several hundred years, the Sisters of St. Joseph are dedicated to providing women with tools for empowerment, particularly among the undereducated and those who lack a high school diploma, or speak languages other than English. As one example, the organization's CSJ Learning Connection offers adult education including ESL curriculum and consumer literacy to adults in Brentwood, New York.

Feeding kids, one lunch bag at a time

The Arlington Sandgate Sunderland Summer Lunch Program is the joint endeavor of several schools and churches in Vermont which provides a bag of fixings for a week’s worth of lunches to students in the area. The bags are distributed through the Federated Church of East Arlington and St. James’ Episcopal Church and are available to children in the community every week.

Raising environmental awareness in the Jewish community

The Sova Project is a joint initiative of Hebrew College's Center for Global Judaism, the Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network, and the Heschel Sustainability Center and works to spread awareness about issues of environmental and economic sustainability in the Jewish community. The project provides textual sources, academic articles, webinars and a “Shmita Manifesto” that speak to these issues.

Making celebrations of faith an opportunity to serve

The Pagan Pride Project has been running for over 15 years with celebrations organized all over the world. In addition to hosting a public ritual and distributing information to promote religion inclusion and acceptance for pagans, all celebrations also include a food drive or other charity event to give back to the local community.

Conducting humanitarian aid projects in disaster regions

Soka Gakkai International (SGI) is a lay Buddhist organization that is dedicated not only to personal spiritual development but also to engaged community service. Among its many humanitarian activities, SGI-Chile members collected supplies to deliver to a relief center after the country's recent earthquake, and SGI-Chile General Directed visited affected areas to offer support to those affected.

Creating a safe space for those in recovery

Texas' Serenity Church calls itself "a place where broken and hurting people find healing." The church offers a 12 Steps program, as well as an Overcomers Group where those in recovery from destructive habits can share stories and foster community.

'Greening' houses of worship for greater sustainability

Green Faith is a certification program for houses of worship to increase sustainability in their congregations. GreenFaith's mission is to inspire, educate and mobilize people of diverse religious backgrounds for environmental leadership.

Working to alleviate hunger around the world

Islamic Relief USA is an international humanitarian aid organization that works to alleviate hunger, disease and illiteracy regardless of religion or race. The organization is currently providing food to survivors of recent floods in Afghanistan as part of larger global initiatives on food, education and orphans.

Promoting freedom of religion through diversity education

Based in New York City, Fremont, CA and Washington D.C., the Sikh Coalition provides legal services and diversity education to promote freedom of religion, particularly for the U.S.'s marginalized Sikh population. Among its initiatives is the End Bullying of Sikh Children in NY program that leads rallies and school programs to combat bullying.

Supporting border justice through desert searches

Organized by UCC church Good Shepherd in Sahuarita, AZ, the Green Valley/Sahuarita Samaritans are dedicated to border justice and provide assistance to undocumented immigrants in the form of desert searches, trash cleanups, education and food packs.

Offering compassion and support to women in the sex industry

stripped loveOriginally a ministry of Madison Park Church in Anderson, IN, Stripped Love works with women involved in the sex industry who may feel trapped by a world they don't really want to be in. The Stripped Love team hosts visits with the women on a bi-weekly basis in local churches, providing gifts, meals and loving support.

Operating hospitals around Africa to combat malaria

An initiative of the United Methodist Church, Imagine No Malaria operates more than 300 hospitals, clinics and health posts throughout Africa to help prevent malaria in highly impacted areas. According to its website, the organization has distributed 1.2 million insecticide-treated bed nets throughout the continent.

Supporting American troops in unique ways

Oak Hill United Methodist Church in Austin, TX runs many community-centered ministries that range from building houses to making hospital visits to operating a community garden. One unique ministry -- the HUGS Project -- brings female congregants together to make neck coolers and other items to send to the military overseas.

Providing resources to grandmothers caring for orphans in Malawi

gogoRooted in Christian principles, Gogo Grandmothers serves in Malawi -- where "gogo" is the local term for grandmother -- providing support to orphans by assisting the grandmothers who care for them. The organization's projects include blanket and mosquito net distribution, a 'sponsor a gogo' campaign, fertilizer assistance and the operation of a preschool.

Offering 12 Steps programs for those in recovery

The Restoration Fellowship is an auxiliary ministry of the Messiah Lutheran Church that conducts worship services on Saturday nights for those who are healing and in recovery. The Fellowship celebrates the 12 Steps program and works to facilitate a healing, judgment free environment.

Organizing interfaith, residential training programs in community organizing

Bend the Arc is a Jewish social justice organization that advocates for economic opportunity in disenfranchised communities. Among its many projects, the organization's Community Organizing Residency brings Jews, Christians and Muslims together in several major cities around the U.S. for a residential training program in interfaith work and community organizing.

Leading service trips focused on education and health

Sponsored by the American Ethical Union, a humanist organization that teaches ethics as a spiritual practice, International Partners leads service trips to impoverished communities in El Salvador to work on education, health and local initiatives. The organization is currently working on an ecotourism and job creation project on the mountain of Guazapa to help employ local youth.

Making extreme financial sacrifices to combat global poverty

Though not characterized as a Christian organization, the Christian founders of One Day's Wages found inspiration in their faith to address the issue of global poverty through fundraising. In 2009 the founders decided to donate their entire year's income of $68,000 to fight extreme poverty, and through their organization they invite other concerned individuals and families to take bold steps to support the cause.

Helping workers help themselves by demanding justice

Founded by a group of religious leaders in 1991, Arise Chicago works to address systemic poverty in the Chicago area. As part of its worker justice initiatives, the organization coordinates worker-led campaigns to help fight for justice in the workplace through advocacy and education.

Combating stereotypes about Islam to promote equality

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was founded to combat stereotypes about Islam and Muslims through education and anti-terrorism activism. As part of an initiative to raise awareness about discrimination and help American Muslims advocate for themselves, CAIR printed a pocket-sized 'know your rights and responsibilities' guide for those who might be subject to discrimination.

Training interfaith leaders around the world to foster peace in their communities

Founded in 1893, the Council for a Parliament of the World's Religions works to promote interreligious harmony as a way of advancing peace while maintaining diversity. Among its many projects, the Council runs the Ambassador Program which selects ambassadors around the world who will promote peace and sustainability through interfaith engagement in their communities.

Supporting campaigns for economic and worker justice

Interfaith Worker Justice operates out of Chicago to promote workers' rights and grassroots organizing. The organization partners with campaigns, like the Making Change at Walmart Campaign, to mobilize faith communities for economic and worker justice.

Bringing people together over a meal to celebrate diversity

Founded by a group of Turkish-American businessmen and educators to honor the vision of their spiritual leader, Muslim scholar Fethullah Gulen, the Niagara Foundation organizes conferences, lectures, retreats and more to promote interfaith dialogue and awareness. One of the Foundation's programs is called Abraham's Tent and brings community members together across religions and cultures to share a meal and build multicultural friendships.

Organizing women of faith around the issues important to them

fierceFierce Women of Faith is an interfaith, multi-racial social networking group for women in the Chicago area who wish to participate in local faith-based activism. The group recently received a $7,500 grant to organize nonviolence trainings for children and youth in Chicago.

Advocating for Muslim voices in the public sphere

The Muslim Public Affairs Council works to promote civil rights for Muslims and the integration of Islam into American pluralism. One example of this is the Council's Hollywood Bureau which works with the entertainment industry to ensure fair representation of Muslims in media and help Muslim filmmakers, writers and actors make contacts with Hollywood professionals.

Placing volunteers in service organizations in the U.S. and South America

In partnership with the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Mercy Volunteer Corps places volunteers in yearlong programs serving poor and marginalized communities in the U.S. and South America. Volunteers work in education, healthcare and social services while living together in a spiritually-focused community.

Offering tuition funds for students in the Rift Valley

Named after a remarkable Kenyan woman who has dedicated her life to faith-based service, the Mama Ada Foundation works with The Anglican Communion, an international community of churches, to combat poverty in the Rift Valley. Some of the Foundation's initiatives toward this goal include tuition funds for students and monetary aid for farmers in the region.

Providing grants for multicultural service initiatives

A project of the General Commission on Religion and Race of The United Methodist Church, the CORR Action Fund awards grants to conferences, churches and seminaries doing work to promote intercultural competency and racial and cultural awareness. Grants range from $20,000 to $80,000 and fund programs for up to 18 months.

Distributing insecticide-treated nets to combat malaria

netsNothing But Nets is a grassroots campaign that brings many organizations, including The People of The United Methodist Church and the Union for Reform Judaism, together in the fight to end malaria deaths. The organization tackles this by raising awareness and encouraging groups to sponsor $10 insecticide-treated bed nets to send to Africa.

Creating a safe space for Muslim victims of domestic violence

The Texas Muslim Women's Foundation promotes peace in the home and community by offering shelter and services to victims of domestic violence -- particularly to those in the Muslim community who may be under-served in mainstream shelters. The Foundation's Peaceful Oasis Shelter specifically addresses the language, faith, diet, social and legal needs of Muslim women.

Providing sanctuary to those facing deportation

Based in Tucson, AZ, Southside Presbyterian Church works on immigration reform as part of its ministry, offering temporary sanctuary to some undocumented immigrants facing deportation. In May 2014 the church took in Daniel Neyoy Ruiz who faced deportation and separation from his family. On June 9 Ruiz was granted a stay of his deportation order and was able to return home.

Addressing poverty through political campaigning

Founded in 1910, Catholic Charities USA works with agencies around the country to support families and communities impacted by poverty. The organization's Campaign to Reduce Poverty is a multi-year project that works through government calls, education and community organizing to pass legislation that alleviates poverty.

Treating thousands of children with disabilities around the world

Established by Christian founders Dr. Scott and Mrs. Sally Harrison to treat children with disabilities in Malawi, CURE International now operates in more than 30 countries in the world and has performed more than 167,000 surgeries since 1996, according to the organization's website. CURE also runs two specialty programs: CURE Clubfoot and CURE Hydrocephalus.

Subsidizing international health work for medical residents

Hope Through Healing Hands works to promote peace through health advocacy around the world. Among its many initiatives is the Frist Global Health Leaders Program which offers grants to universities and medical centers for graduate level students and residents in the health professions to do service and training around the world.

Giving youth lifelong skills for interfaith engagement

kidsKids4Peace brings Jewish, Christian and Muslim students and their families together in a 6-year program in Jerusalem that focuses on interfaith, diversity and global citizenship. Each year adds greater depth to the work the participants do, culminating during the students 11th grade year with discussions about college, career and the future.

Caring for the environment as a religious cause

The Bhumi Project falls under the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies and tackles environmental issues through the lens of Hindu values. The project works with Hindu organizations, communities, temples and individuals to voice concerns about the environment.

Facilitating conversations on life's big questions

Ask Big Questions is an initiative of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, that firmly believes that we can change the world through having better conversations. They hope to increase understanding between diverse communities by "asking the big questions."

Using spiritual values to support community work

To Serve Humanity is a series of short films which use Baha'i values to explore the ways in which young people can contribute to the spiritual and material well-being of their communities.

Offering disaster and crisis relief to affected areas around the world

Somebody Cares has been involved in disaster and crisis relief efforts for events ranging from Southeast Asian tsunami to Hurricane Katrina. Their community-based, grassroots approach is based on mobilizing members of church communities to provide help.

Providing homes to youth with histories of abuse

Started by Steve and Pam Parish after they decided to adopt a daughter, Connections Homes provides permanent, family-based environments to youth and young adults with histories of abuse or neglect.

Offering young leaders a summer camp based on interfaith values

New Vision Partners hosts annual Interfaith Youth Leadership Initiatives , an intensive summer program to empower young leaders to use interfaith work to promote peace and justice.

Placing volunteers in service projects in 39 cities around the U.S.

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps places volunteers in schools and nonprofits to serve the poor and marginalized in 39 U.S. cities and 6 countries abroad. One such program is the Belize Central Prison where workers help rehabilitate inmates for reentry into society.

Advocating for peace and safety in Muslim homes

NYC's only non-profit working to combat domestic violence in the Muslim community, Turning Point is committed to helping Muslim women & girls empower themselves.

Organizing faith groups to combat religious extremism

Interfaith Alliance is an interfaith coalition of over seventy-five faiths that fights against extremism using grass-roots activism, campaigns on a national level, and education initiatives.

Leading seminars on social justice for high school students

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism serves as the hub of Jewish social justice efforts through legislative action, covering topics like economic justice, civil rights, and religious liberty. Their L'Taken Social Justice Seminars educate high school students on advocacy, public policy issues and Jewish values.

Providing a Humanist alternative to religious service corps

Pathfinder Project's Humanist Service Corps offers a secular alternative to the many faith based service programs out there. Works on volunteer projects in different places around the world, such as the current service trip in Guatemala which partnered with education organization Avivara to help teach classes and support students.

Working to end U.S.-sponsored torture

National Religious Campaign Against Torture mobilizes people of faith to work towards ending U.S.-sponsored torture, stopping support of countries that use torture, and ending anti-Muslim bigotry.

Aiding refugees through resettlement programs

HIAS began as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in the 1880s, following the anti-Semitic pogroms in Eastern Europe and Russia that increased Jewish immigration to New York. Today, HIAS is committed to helping all refugees find safety and homes with international aid, resettlement programs and advocacy work.

Taking a stand for women's reproductive rights

The National Council of Jewish Women's campaign for contraceptive access is called Plan A. It is a national campaign based on the belief that women's equality is connected to having agency over reproductive choices.

Addressing local issues through faith-based organizing

PICO is a network that uses faith-based community organizing to mobilize religious communities to address local problems. It is a nonpartisan, multicultural interfaith organization that believes in "unlocking the power of people." Issues of interest include health care reform, immigration and economic justice.

Raising awareness about adoption

Affiliated to the British Anglican Church, Home for Good created video resources for churches to use on Mother's and Father's Days to encourage churches to take part in Adoption Sunday 2014 in November.

Using faith to promote social justice

Sojourners is a Christian organization over forty years old that is committed to actively pushing forward issues of social justice. Causes include human rights, racial and social justice, environmental stewardship and immigration.

Mobilizing Christians to fight for social justice online

Faithful America is committed to building a more free and just society by mobilizing Christians online to support causes of social justice. "Dedicated to reclaiming Christianity from the religious right, our members are sick of sitting by quietly while Jesus' message of good news is hijacked to serve a hateful political agenda. We're organizing the faithful to take on right-wing extremists and renew the church's prophetic role in building a more free and just society," they declare on their website.

Showing hospitality to the homeless

Rutba House is a new Christian monastic community in Durham, North Carolina, devoted to welcoming in the homeless and inspired by Middle Eastern traditions of hospitality. It was co-founded by Jonathan and Leah Wilson-Hartgrove in 2003, and named after the town of Rutba, Iraq, where doctors provided medical care to their Christian peacemaker delegation despite the fact that it had been bombed by American forces just three days prior.

Raising multicultural awareness in yearly summer camps

Founded by UCC minister Charles Busch, Peace Village offers summer camps around the U.S. with curriculum that focus on conflict resolution, multicultural awareness and nutrition education in order to create a more peaceful world.

Tackling poverty and hunger in the developing world

Food for the Hungry is a Christian non-profit that tackles poverty on the community level in the developing world. They set up partnerships between groups all over the world in order to make a real difference and focus on the root issues of poverty rather than simply the symptoms.

Offering no-cost health care to the community

The Chicago-based Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) provides no-cost primary health care and other services to people living in the city's Southwest Side. They provide this free health clinic because they believe that "adequate and quality health care is a basic human right."

Providing a safe space for LGBT youth and allies

Saint Luke's Church, an Episcopalian church in New York City, has a number of outreach programs, including "The Church," which provides a safe space for LGBTQ youth and their allies on Saturday nights. Featuring art workshops, hot meals, social services and a non-judgmental atmosphere, The Church is committed to providing support for young people in need.

Sheltering victims of violence from a different religion

carnot church refugeUnder Rev. Justin Nary, this church in the Central African Republic has been sheltering around 900 Muslims since early February 2014. They have found refuge there after religious violence forced them to flee their homes.

Raising women inmates' voices in a prison choir

Started as part of Rev. Susan Bishop's gospel choir ministry, Voices of Hope is a choir for women prisoners at Georgia's Metro State Prison in Atlanta.

Working to end the water crisis in Africa

Started by Christian band Jars of Clay and activist Jena Lee Nardella, Blood:Water Mission partners with grassroots organizations in Africa to address the HIV/AIDS and water crises.

CORRECTION: The A21 Campaign was initially included on this list. While a very worthy cause, it has been replaced here, as it is not a faith-based group. The Bhumi Project was added to the list.

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