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100 Things to Be Thankful For

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Thanksgiving is a time for family, overeating and if we're lucky, giving thanks. Need some ideas? Here are 100 things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. For Saturdays that feel like Sundays and the moment we realize we still have another day in the weekend
  2. For fireplaces
  3. For cheerful people who remind us that happiness is a choice and make us want to choose it
  4. For the slanting late afternoon sunlight
  5. For the moment when a cheap bottle of wine starts to taste decent and someone proclaims "it's growing on me!"
  6. For the warm, indescribable things we feel when we go on the first hike in a long time and realize that nature is just ...
  7. For the books that remind us how much we love reading
  8. For new beginnings forced upon us that we hate at first but learn were exactly what we needed
  9. For new beginnings we courageously choose for ourselves
  10. For the tears we never would have shed had we not been so lucky to have loved the thing we lost
  11. For the memory of how good we used to be at hailing taxis
  12. For never having to hail a taxi again
  13. For live music
  14. For first dates that go so well we talk until we run out of things to talk about, realize that we don't know the person, and wish we had ended it on a high note but don't really care because it went so well
  15. For friends who call us on our birthday
  16. For drinks in mason jars
  17. For children who don't care what strangers think and remind us that we used to be tiny badasses who gave zero ****s what people thought about us
  18. For almond butter being healthy
  19. For the most basic things we take for granted, things like arms and legs, sight, and a single person who cares about us being alive or dead
  20. For meeting up with old friends and realizing that nothing has changed
  21. For a good laugh just when we needed it
  22. For the patter of rain that lulls us to sleep
  23. For paper books
  24. For freshly baked bread
  25. For board games
  26. For white wine on a Saturday afternoon
  27. For red wine in a warm room on a cold night
  28. For the things we may never fully understand like dreams, music and art
  29. For the people who laugh at our dumb jokes
  30. For the farmers who grow our food, the inventors who created their tools, the workers who package and deliver it and the clerks who sell it to us with a smile
  31. For being with loved ones in person and realizing that this is what life is all about
  32. For the courage to jump into the cold ocean, even if we immediately get out
  33. For the friends who push us to be less lazy and more adventurous
  34. For ice skating
  35. For visiting old places and remembering old moments
  36. For the moments we almost skip our workout, miraculously summon the will to do it anyway, and feel so good afterwards that we can't imagine we ever considered bailing
  37. For anyone, anywhere who ever put their differences aside
  38. For the friends who never bail
  39. For the friends who forgive us for bailing
  40. For the people who sing or dance in their car like no one is watching
  41. For the moments in a rough patch when we realize that, against all odds, we feel a little bit better and are starting to get over it
  42. For being in a relationship and avoiding the petty superficiality of single life
  43. For being single and avoiding the boring delusion of relationship life
  44. For meditation and the path to self discovery and peace it will forever offer us
  45. For the unexpected challenges we despise while they bend us, and the wisdom they give us for not breaking
  46. For the friends who don't give up on inviting us after seemingly endless rejections
  47. For the friends and family that don't let us grow up too quickly
  48. For the stories our family tells about us as kids that we have zero recollection of but feel pretty cool about
  49. For the ridiculously stupid things that make us laugh and the people who say or do them
  50. For costume parties, and how lucky we are to live in a society peaceful and prosperous enough where costume parties are even remotely an option
  51. For long drives with good friends
  52. For the dreamers who never gave up
  53. For friends who stick up for us
  54. For design so good we never notice it
  55. For free delivery
  56. For the people who pull over on the side of the road just to admire a view
  57. For Uber and Lyft drivers so genuinely friendly they overrule our attempts to hide in our phones and end up getting us to tell them our life stories
  58. For avocado
  59. For the sunrises and sunsets we never cared to watch that will always be waiting for us next time
  60. For songs so good we put them on repeat until we hate them
  61. For campfires
  62. For the friends with tiny stomachs who give us their leftovers every time
  63. For the people who come to our parties by themselves despite not knowing anyone
  64. For the feeling of immense satisfaction after folding and putting away the last bit of laundry
  65. For coffee breaks
  66. For the people who saw more in us than we saw in ourselves
  67. For being a tiny speck on a tiny speck next to a tiny speck of light in a universe with more suns than grains of sand on Earth (it's true)
  68. For hope
  69. For farmer's markets
  70. For the moments when we treat ourselves
  71. For the moments when we resist
  72. For baristas who remember our names
  73. For people who remember meeting us even when we've forgotten, and aren't afraid to tell us
  74. For the teachers who cared the most and will remember us long after we've forgotten them
  75. For the servers who put up with annoying groups that have included us at times
  76. For good vibes, and the people, places or stories that create them
  77. For the people who overrule our extended hand with a "nope -- I'm coming in" hug
  78. For the people both living and dead who invented all the things we take for granted, from the sole of our shoe to the lines on our streets
  79. For the feeling of finally being home
  80. For the terrible dancers who give zero ****s and make everyone comfortable taking it up a notch
  81. For the strangers who smile and say hello on the sidewalk
  82. For living in an age where invisible knowledge travels through the air and shows up before us in thousands of tiny lights that simulate a written page
  83. For the people who taught us how to read
  84. For the workers in all the kitchens who made our food and we never have and probably never will thank
  85. For being alive during the next sixty seconds
  86. For airplanes that get us home safely to see family and friends
  87. For stretchy pants
  88. For shooting stars
  89. For the pizza, fist pound and grinning face emojis
  90. For pajamas, onesies and fuzzy socks
  91. For the beginning of every wedding season
  92. For the end of every wedding season
  93. For handwritten cards and the people who write them
  94. For holiday lights and their overpowering jollyness
  95. For the smell of fresh cut grass
  96. For scented candles
  97. For national parks and the people who fight for them, maintain them and welcome us to them
  98. For the freedom to sleep in, and all the good reasons not to
  99. For our "planner" friends without whom we would do the same things over and over
  100. For our parents, who deserve a list of their own

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