100 Ways to Love YOU Every Day!

Learning to love yourself is a process that involves tending to the many different pieces of who you are. It's about indulging, it's about sacrificing, but mostly, it's about balance. It's about engaging in practices that push you to do better and feel well. To help inspire that change, here is a list of tips, tricks and other ideas. It’s divided into the eight different dimensions of wellness[1]. Try incorporating two or three of these suggestions into your life each week and watch how quickly you start to feel better about life and about yourself.

Emotional Wellness – Your feelings serve as the filter through which you make sense of the world. Keep them clear so you can secure the best of what you deserve.

1. Meditate regularly.

2. Only stay in relationships with people who respect you.

3. Be compassionate toward the feelings of others.

4. Analyze why you feel the way you do about things that get you down.

5. Find ways to laugh a lot.

6. Give yourself permission to relax for at least a half-hour each day.

7. Breathe deeply, inhaling and exhaling more fully.

8. Talk to a therapist, counselor or coach.

9. Read daily affirmations.

10. Join a support group.

11. Lose yourself in a hobby.

12. Forgive yourself for what you judge yourself the most harshly.

13. Communicate your needs clearly to those around you.

Financial Wellness – Money isn’t everything. But it’s something that can help you to access other things. Tap into its availability and usefulness.

14. Save a little money by shopping on sale.

15. Splurge a little on something you've wanted but convinced yourself you couldn't have.

16. Stay on top of your credit score.

17. Keep track of expenses in an organized way, easy to access for tax-time.

18. Set your bills up on your bank's electronic auto-pay and save yourself some late fees.

19. Utilize the services of a financial planner.

20. Create a budget to help guide your spending.

21. Donate regularly to charity.

22. Use coupons.

23. Preserve your valuables for lasting duration.

24. Read up on the abundance of wealth that exists in the world.

25. Purchase items that increase in value over the years.

Social Wellness – Your interactions with others will shape a great deal of your life experience. It’s important that they be healthy and helpful to your growth.

26. Spend time with positive people who keep you feeling good.

27. Share positive posts through your social media accounts.

28. Set limits with family members who may tend to stress you.

29. Have lunch with a friend that you may not have seen in a while.

30. Give genuine compliments to perfect strangers.

31. Buy coffee/tea for the person standing in line behind you.

32. Text someone you're thinking of, just to send them love.

33. Ask people for feedback that you can use to be/do better.

34. Coordinate a brunch to bring friends together.

35. Smile.

36. Apologize for ways you may have hurt someone else.

37. Volunteer at a local community program.

38. Write letters to politicians advocating for rights you believe to be important and in danger.

Spiritual Wellness – There is an essence within us that is unbound by time and space. Find ways to nurture it. They don’t have to be religious, just soulful.

39. Count the things in your life for which you are grateful.

40. Send thank you cards to people, just because.

41. Take a moment to just close your eyes and envision the future for which you are meant.

42. List all the times that things have worked out in your favor.

43. Play music that makes you feel connected to something special.

44. Sit in silence and connect to the energy around you.

45. Consult a spiritual advisor.

46. Research the spiritual practices of different cultures.

47. Make a list of the things that matter most to you.

48. Visit a place of worship.

49. Look through a telescope at the grandness of the universe.

50. Look through a microscope at the universe that exists in a drop of water.

Occupational Wellness – You spend a lot of time working. Why not make your job/career a source of satisfaction?

51. Leave on time.

52. Leave work at work.

53. Be honest with your supervisors about your career ambitions.

54. Train to do things better.

55. Find a mentor.

56. Mentor someone else.

57. Use your vacation time.

58. Join a work group, such as a book club or project committee.

59. Arrive a few minutes early to prepare for the day.

60. Book downtime into your schedule.

61. Attend conferences to reinvigorate you.

62. Keep a binder of ideas to share with your administrators.

63. Find ways (clothing, furniture) to be comfortable in your professional environment.

Physical Wellness – Treat your body right and it will carry you a long way.

64. Eat high energy foods.

65. Walk regularly.

66. Drink lots of water.

67. Get a massage.

68. Sit for a mani-pedi.

69. Go dancing.

70. Make yourself a nice cup of hot tea.

71. Blow yourself a kiss in the mirror on your way out the door.

72. Get a good night's sleep.

73. Treat yourself to some chocolate covered fruit.

74. Make yourself a healthy, yummy smoothie.

75. Moisturize your skin with lotions and oils.

Intellectual Wellness – Feed your intellect with knowledge, challenges and activities that stretch its limits.

76. Try some brain teasers.

77. Take a course to help you learn something new.

78. Create an online video tutorial on something you do well.

79. Pick random words from the dictionary to study and learn.

80. Try playing a new video game.

81. Read the newspaper to catch up on current events.

82. Research any upcoming major life decisions.

83. Pick up a self-help book.

84. Write a short story.

85. Sketch the nearby landscape.

86. "DIY" (do it yourself) your next holiday's gifts… may be some arts and crafts.

87. Invite friends over for a game of scrabble.

88. Call someone whose politics you strongly disagree with, and just listen to them, trying hard to understand their position.

Environmental Wellness – Understand and maximize the impact that you have on the environment and the impact that the environment has on you.

89. Take a long walk on the beach.

90. Watch the sun rise or set.

91. Stop to breathe in the breeze.

92. Plant a flower or tree.

93. Dress in sustainable fabrics.

94. Wear up-cycled accessories.

95. Light some incense and candles to give ambiance to your space.

96. Decorate with light colors that lift your mood.

97. Help tend to a community garden.

98. Set down a blanket in the park and lay your back to the ground.

99. Take a vacation to a magical place.

100. Go for a long drive and just take in the scenery.

Enjoy your life. You deserve it!


[1] Swarbrick, M. (2012). A Wellness Approach to Mental Health Recovery. In A. Rudnick (Ed.), Recovery of People with Mental Illness: Philosophical and Related Perspectives (chapter three). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

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