100-Year-Old Birthday Girl Plays Beer Pong, Wins At Life

Get it, grandma!

If you want to see beer pong done right, you don’t need college coeds to show you. Just ask this 100-year-old grandma who celebrated becoming a centenarian with an epic game of beer pong and ― in the process ― put all the young whippersnappers around her to shame. 

Dressed in a sash to make sure everybody knew she was the birthday girl, grandma was all business when it came to getting her ping pong ball into the winning cup.

Trevor Pope posted the video on Facebook in late July and in just a week the post has gotten over 41,000 views. “My grandma just turned 100...she’s still crushing beer pong,” he wrote.

We spoke to the woman herself, Marie Pope, who told us the game was part of her birthday celebrations at her home in Illinois where she was joined by family members. 

“It was an excellent time, a really wonderful occasion,” Marie told The Huffington Post. She added it wasn’t her first time playing beer pong but she wasn’t drinking too much alcohol. Marie said she’s not a big drinker but did enjoy a single birthday shot. 

What a woman! Many happy returns, Marie. 




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