100-Year-Old Twins Mark Birthday, Reveal Secrets To Long Life


They were born just 25 minutes apart on Nov. 20,1916 and now, 100 years later, Irene Crump and Phyllis Jones are still as close as ever. 

Though the sisters aren’t identical, they rang in their milestone 100th birthday together with matching red sweaters, chocolate cakes and birthday cards from Queen Elizabeth, herself. 

“We often celebrate our special days together, and we had a lovely day,” the younger twin, Crump, told

Though longevity seems to run in the family ― their elder sister lived to be 92 ― the two swear that hard work and good food are the secrets to a long life. Plenty of centenarians would surely agree. 

They are believed to be just one of a handful of twins in the UK that are over 100. Currently, the Guinness World Record for oldest living female twins is held by two 104-year-old French sisters. 

At 100, the pair are fairly independent, with Jones’ son, Carl, checking up on them regularly. They’ve lived together in Stourbridge, Worcestershire for five years now, but Carl says that even at their advanced age, they’re no different from any other twins.

“They get on well but they do have their moments – but that’s going to happen whether they’re 100 or 20!” he told Metro. 

Some things never change. 

Many happy returns, ladies!



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