100-Year-Old's Advice To Younger Self: 'Tell Boys To Leave You Alone'

"You’re better off!"

If 100-year-old Dorothy Chandler Collins could visit her 20-year-old self, she’d have one simple piece of advice: avoid men.

The centenarian turned 100 on Aug. 13 and celebrated her milestone in Rocky Mount, N.C. When asked by ABC News what words of wisdom she would give herself 80 years ago, Collins said, “No boys!”

“I would tell her, ‘Tell boys to leave you alone. No boys! You’re better off! Because boys make you mad, so you’re better off without a boy,’” she said. 

See a photo of Collins at her 100th birthday celebration below.

Collins’ advice to her younger self echoed another centenarian’s key to longevity. Before her death in March 2015, 109-year-old Jessie Gallan said the secret was “staying away from men” along with exercise and a bowl of porridge every morning. 

Collins also offered her take on what’s responsible for her longevity. In three words, she told ABC News the secret to her long life.

“God kept me!”

Short and sweet. Happy belated birthday, Dorothy!

For more advice from Collins, head to ABC News.



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