100 Years Of Americana Tattoos Inked On One Woman's Body

Casey Lubin got 11 tattoos in one week.

Watch 100 years of Americana tattoo unfold on the canvas of a woman’s body.

In this mesmerizing video, an Ohio woman named Casey Lubin gets inked with 11 (totally permanent) tattoos over the course of one week.

Each piece mimics the style of an iconic American tattoo artist from every decade since 1910.

According to The Independent, Lubin only had two small tattoos before volunteering to be part of the tattoo project. At first, Lubin admits she thought the idea sounded “crazy,” but said she eventually came around to it.

“I thought it was a really amazing opportunity,” Lubin said in the clip, created by Cut Video. “To have history be on my body.”

The video of Lubin’s tattoo transformation has been viewed more than 1.2 million times to date. Watch it above.

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