'100 Years' Of Men's Hairstyles Shows How We Got To The Man Bun

It was a long and handsome road.
11/03/2015 10:33am ET | Updated November 3, 2015

Cut Video's "100 Years of Beauty" series has whisked us through female fashion history in Germany, Italy, the Philippines and more. But now, it's the men's turn.

This smooth-as-hair-gel style lesson takes us through 100 years of American men's hairstyles, from the clean-cut look of the 1940s... the free-flowing locks of the '60s... the inexplicable tousled man bun of today.

Of course, it's all in celebration of Movember, the no-shave movement to promote and fund men's health efforts. And while we wish that the video included hair trends among a wide variety of ethnicities, it's pretty interesting to track how the hipster man bun evolved in the first place.

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