This Boozy Video Shows 100 Years Of Cocktail History In 2 Minutes

Watch 100 Years Of Cocktail History In 2 Minutes

Yes, you've seen 100 years of every beauty trend known to humans -- but now it's all about cocktails, and just in time for your weekend celebrations.

Glam, an offshoot of the website MODE, posted a video on its YouTube channel that chronicles a variety of popular drinks from 1915 to today. Starting off with a classic Manhattan, bartender Adam Delaney of San Francisco joint Tradition, mixes up iconic concoctions with dated outfits to match.

Throughout the video, major players come up, including the traditional martini and cult favorite (thanks to Sex and the City) the Cosmopolitan. Although, 2015's cocktail might come as shock, since it's a major throwback.

Watch the boozy video above and get inspired to mix up a drink this weekend!

What's your favorite drink? Let us know in the comments.

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