From Care Bears To Slinkys, Nostalgic Video Captures '100 Years Of Toys'

A (playful) walk down memory lane!

It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means: Toy shops are going to be packed with shoppers looking for the latest doll or gizmo to snag for that special child in their lives.

This year, it seems “Frozen”-themed toys and “Star Wars” stuff are topping the list of hot ticket items for kids. But children haven’t always played with such flashy things.

In the video above, created by Mode, watch the evolution of Western toys from the 1910s to today.

See a simple spinning top from the 1920s, and a lo-fi remote control robot from the 1950s. It’s a heavy dose of nostalgia, captured in under three minutes.

Some toys definitely have timeless appeal. The Barbie doll, popular in the 1960s, and Elmo plush toys, sought after in the 1990s, continue to be beloved by kids today.

Watch the video above to see more toys from yesteryear.

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