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Underwear Is Now The Most Comfortable It's Been In All Of Human History

Three cheers for briefs!

If your undergarments ever feel cumbersome, just remember: It was a LOT worse in 1925.

This throwback video from Glamour takes us through 100 years of women's undies, from the intricate, lacy chemises of the 1920s to knickers, lace-ups and girdles in the '50s.

And if we learned anything from watching, it's that underwear has come a long way in the last century -- and is now much less constricting than it used to be.

Sure, we still have skin-tight undies like Spanx (which, to be honest, nobody needs). But the good news is that thongs are on the outs while "granny panties" are rising in popularity, making undies the comfiest they've been in quite possibly all of human history.

That's something we should all take a brief moment to appreciate.

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