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'100 Years Of Beauty' Shows The Stunning Evolution Of Vietnamese Style

From va-va-voom to the Vietnam War.

Here’s a video that’s as stunning to watch as it is politically and historically fascinating.

For the latest installment of their 100 Years of Beauty series, WatchCut teamed up with Miss Vietnam USA 2017 Isabelle Du to capture some of the most iconic looks in Vietnam over the last century.

The short video starts off with the conservative look of 1910s, complete with intentionally blackened teeth. For centuries, the practice of darkening the teeth was a rite of passage for young coming-of-age women and a sign of beauty.

The screen splits into two by the 1950s, just as the country did during the Vietnam War. By the 1960s, women in the North and South had adopted very different views on what was beautiful; while the North opted for a more fresh faced, natural look, in the South, Western-influenced hairstyles and smoky eyes were all the rage.

By 1975, the two sides of the country had unified and so, too, had its standards of beauty. To see the full evolution of beauty in Vietnam, watch the clip above.