New York

$10,000 Buried In NYC For Scavenger Hunt?

$10,000 is rumored to be buried somewhere within the five boroughs. The credible source spreading the message: none other than puppets!

The "buried treasure" comes in the form of 10,000 U.S "mint one-dollar coins." In other words, the coins are "gold colored," but not actually real gold. Either way, it should be able to fly under the tax-radar!

Clues leading to the money will be issued starting August 1st, via eight viral videos of muppets and ninjas. Why the choice to incorporate a ninja? The people behind the gimmick at We Lost Our Gold retorted with a succinct, "the real question is why don't you have a ninja?" Given the quality of this explanation, we're not expecting much from these clues.

We Lost Our Gold claim that this is not a joke; they just "wanted to create a real treasure hunt." Guess the joke might be on us.

Watch the video below for more info:

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