10,000 Yogis Rained Out in Central Park (SLIDESHOW)

At 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 22, the Great Lawn in Central Park was set to be transformed into the world's largest yoga studio, as over 10,000 blue mat wielding participants were prepared to go into down dog in unison. Things didn't go exactly as planned.

Beginning around 4 p.m, the lines started to form all around the Great Lawn in Central Park.

At 5:30, the bodies started spilling onto the expanse of green grass located just north of Belvedere Castle, with complimentary yoga mat, bottle of water and other goodies in hand.

At 6:45, the gathering grey clouds gave doubt that the event would happen.

Just after 7:00, the afro'd comedian Reggie Watts took control of the microphone, commanding the crowd the way only he can: with wit, stage presence, beatboxing and a song about yoga using a dubbing/amplifying machine. He even let his three kids come on stage to dance.

At 7:18, a member of the Universal Record Database (URDB), wearing a mustard-yellow sport coat and shaggy hair, let the crowd know that it had succeeded in forming and were preparing to take part in the "largest registered yoga class," with more than 13,000 registered participants.

As the clock passed 7:30, the yogi leading the session, Elena Brower, let the sea of anxious attendees know that there was a thunderstorm approaching and that she would know in five minutes whether or not they could legally proceed.

It was at 7:37 that the first raindrops began to fall.

Sensing that the weather was growing worse, at 7:38, Brower opted to proceed, asking the mass to come to a seat at the front of their mats, legs crossed, wrists resting on their knees, palms racing outward, chin up and eyes closed. Then the crowd of nearly 10,000 partook in a drawn-out, collective Om, sounding like a the world's most pleasant dial tone.

At 7:40, after completing the Om, Brower was given permission to lead the group through a single flow. The crowd cheered. Those who hadn't already run for the exits rose to their feet, moved to the front of the smurf blue mats and readied themselves - feet facing forward, hands at their sides, eyes ahead, tadasana.

Seven minutes later, after maneuvering through several traditional poses, the world's largest registered yoga class came to an end. Namaste.