$100,000 Chicken Coop From Neiman Marcus (PHOTO)

Dawn breaks. The hens descend from their bespoke Versailles-inspired Le Petit Trianon house to their playground below for a morning wing stretch. Slipping on your wellies, you start for the coop and are greeted by the pleasant clucking of your specially chosen flock and the site of the poshest hen house ever imagined.

So begins the listing for a product that puts the "screw the poor" in luxury. But no matter, this is one fine chicken coop. In fact, it's such a singularly wonderful chicken coop, that one need not own chickens to purchase it. After all, imaginary chickens are far less messy than real ones. And this is a $100,000 luxury home. You don't want filthy flightless birds walking all over it, messing the place up.


This is just one of many "fantasy gifts" in Neiman Marcus' 2012 Christmas Book. Buy them all today, you delicious one percenter, you.

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