Rochelle Maize's $100,000 Closet Designed By Lisa Adams Has Us Swooning (PHOTOS)

There's only one question we have: When can we move in?

Remember when in the "Sex And The City" movie, Carrie Bradshaw tells Mr. Big to forgo the engagement ring and just build her a really big closet? Well, apparently she's not the only one who prefers wardrobe space over other fine things in life.

Real Estate broker Rochelle Maize has transformed a 400-square-foot closet in her Los Angeles home into a master dressing room for a whopping $100,000. "I wanted to feel like I was walking into a very luxurious Beverly Hills boutique," she told the Wall Street Journal. With a flat screen television, a tall peninsula glass case displaying her collection of Chanel bags, a pull-out dressing table for her dog and automatic-locking drawers for jewelry, we think it's safe to say that "luxurious" is an understatement.

We spoke with designer Lisa Adams of L.A. Closet Design -- the brains behind this overhaul, who said this is the perfect space for Maize to hangout with girlfriends and admire her goods. "I was trying to evoke feelings of calm and have my client feel like she's 'shopping in her closet' every day. I created a boutique space for her that has classic elements, but it's still ultra feminine," she told us.

And though Adams admits this isn't the most expensive space she has designed (she once tackled a three-story closet), it's definitely one of the most impressive ones we've ever seen.

Click through out slideshow to see photos of the space. And be sure to head over to the Wall Street Journal and L.A. Closet Design for more information. Hat tip to Yahoo.


$100,000 Closet

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