100,000 People Agree: Forcing A Woman To Wear High Heels At Work Is Absurd

Nicola Thorp wants to change the law that says women can't wear flats.

When London-based Nicola Thorp was sent home from her temp job at financial company PwC for not wearing high heels, she started a petition online to bring attention to the ludicrous expectation that women be physically uncomfortable throughout the length of the workday.

According to the petition, the ultimate goal is to "Make it illegal for a company to require women to wear high heels at work." The petition reads:

It's still legal in the UK for a company to require female members of staff to wear high heels at work against their will. Dress code laws should be changed so that women have the option to wear flat formal shoes at work, if they wish. Current formal work dress codes are out-dated and sexist.

Hear hear! High heels can be horribly uncomfortable, and have proven to be an actual health risk, too.

Thorp's story has struck a major nerve, and her petition has received more than 100,000 signatures -- which is the amount required for the subject to be debated in Parliament -- since it was created yesterday.

"I'm so overwhelmed," Thorp told the BBC. "It shows it is an important matter and it is a step in the right direction."

For their part, PwC says the high-heel requirement is not theirs, but temp agency Portico's, which has since changed the policy.

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