101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women

1. Recognize your privileges, especially your male privilege (and white privilege if applicable).

I’m very intentional in making this point first. Understanding all of your privileges are the core principle of allyship towards women and people who identify outside the gender spectrum. Male privilege is a set of privileges that all men (or anybody that identifies as male) benefit from under patriarchy. All of these privileges are at the expense of women and other subordinate groups. Here’s a good list of examples of male privileges! (The Male Privilege Checklist)
For more on white privilege, check out Peggy McIntosh’s incredible article, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack!”

2. Make a daily effort to acknowledge and then challenge your male privilege.

In order to be a successful ally, you must make a daily effort to understand privilege. As a male, it is your social responsibility to be conscious of your privileges. Use this consciousness to explore different situations. For example, how would a situation been different if it were a woman in your position? Would a woman have been treated differently than you?

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