101 Reasons Why Trump Won the 2016 Presidential Election

While the crying continues and hand-wringing grows, many are left numb.
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While the crying continues and hand-wringing grows, many are left numb: Why? How?

Here is, one hopes, the last of the why-it-happened stories you have to read. Let's make it as comprehensive; so with apologizes to Jay Z and his "99 Problems"...America has more. Choose your favorite reason at your own peril--they are all here.

101 Reasons Why Donald Trump Won the 2016 Presidential Elections:

Didn't release tax returns: "If I decide to run for office, I'll produce my tax returns, absolutely."
"It's gonna be terrific."
"It will be amazing!"
"I alone can fix it."
"We're losing our country folks."
"Biggest tax cut since Reagan."

Shy Trump voters
Secretary Clinton's private e-mail server
Mark Burnett not releasing Apprentice footage
"I love the poorly educated."
Shadow cast by FBI Director Comey's October Surprise letter
Crooked Lyin' Hillary Clinton "is guilty of so many crimes."
American Exceptionalism myth
Liberal government overreach
Secret sexist Bradley Effect voters
Wide scale opiate addiction
Anti-establishment populism
Change: #1 voter motivation
81% of the hypocrite Christian evangelicals who voted
"I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me."
"I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn't lose any voters."

Growing income inequality
Single issue pro-life voters
66% of voters said "the country on the wrong track"
Mainstream media's false equivalence
"We're gonna drain the swamp."
"We will build the wall and Mexico will pay for the wall. Believe me."

Health insurance premium increases stories
The Conventional Wisdom was wrong
America's Lottery mentality
Exurban vote
Enthusiasm Gap
Post-Obama black vote dip
Campaign devoid of policy issues
Twitter Trolls
Syrian War refugees
Consequences of corporate globalization trade agreements
Voting Rights Act RIP
The "basket of deplorables" statement
Vladimir Putin
Fake News on social media
No Latino vote surge
"You're going to have a deportation force" to deport 11 million illegals.
"It's a rigged system."

Ted Cruz
Gary Johnson
Anthony Weiner
Jill Stein
Black Lives Matter protests
Some of Bernie Sanders naïve supporters
East Coast Intellectuals
Gerrymandered electoral map
The Tea Party
Roe v. Wade
Citizens United decision
Clinton Fatigue
Ferguson riots
Paul Manafort's Moscow connections
David Duke and the KKK
Fox TV News
"There's going to be extreme vetting."
"Fourteen percent of noncitizens are registered to vote."

Conspiracy Theorists
Millennial's Mehism
Living in a post-fact world
Political Correctness run amok
Iraq and Afghanistan Wars
Radical Islamic terrorism
Second Amendment voters
9/11: The Barbarians are at the Gates
Inside the Beltway Politics
The GOP Party of No do-nothing Congress
President Barack Obama
Transgender bathrooms
Reality TV
Anti-women women voters
2008 Wall Street/Bank Bailout
AM Talk Radio Shows
Stephen Bannon's Alt-right propaganda
Negative campaigns work
Benjamin Netanyahu
Koch Brothers
Old white folks rule when 45% of eligible voters don't vote!
Forgotten Americans found
"Make America Great Again" hats.
In American democracy the loser wins!

Learn and move on America...

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