101 Things To Do Before Your Daughter Starts Her Period

Tween girls will need the help of their moms to travel through the stage of puberty.

So, you’ve got a tween girl!

With such power of being an official tween, comes great responsibility.

Tween girls will need the help of their moms to travel through the stage of puberty. So, why not get started with 101 things parents need to do before your daughter starts her period.

Maybe there aren't 101 things that you really need to talk to your daughter about before she starts her period (or perhaps there are) but here are some key things to help lay the foundation:

Have the "talk", bite-sized versions

My daughter is at the onset of this whole puberty thing. It's been pretty hard to have conversations with her about puberty without the mention of sex (eek, I said it!). The decision to discuss sex is totally up to the parent but realize that your child will hear it elsewhere, be it the internet or from their friends. Don't you want them to hear a version closer to the truth than from anywhere else? Yes, it's a touchy subject but take a deep breath and prepare before launching into who has what and where it goes. You may be surprised at how much they know, so these types of topics are best handled in bites. You really want this to be a conversation where the two of you are asking each other questions and answering each other, this is not a lecture. Lectures are uptight and one sided. This is definitely a topic where you want to be honest and open with your tween.

Nervous? Yeah, I know. Here are some resources that I am currently using to help with having conversations about sex:

Sex Ed Rescue - a great site that empowers parents to feel comfortable and knowledgeable when engaging their kids in talks about sex.

Hey, Sigmund - another great resource that takes a look from the psychology perspective.

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