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101 Ways to Feel Better About Your Recent Weight Gain

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Have you ever wondered why two people, experiencing the same thing, can have completely different responses? One might use a situation as a reason to be angry. The other uses the same situation as a catalyst for massive, positive impact.

Why? How?

It's because your life is not about what's happening to you, but the story you're telling yourself about what's happening to you.

Your thoughts about yourself are powerful. They dictate how you feel. And when you feel gross or guilty, it's extremely hard to initiate and sustain healthy changes.

The next time you're feeling less-than-stellar, see if you can figure out the less-than-stellar story you're telling yourself. Then, tell a better-feeling story.

An example:

You recently gained some weight.

Here's your less-than-stellar story: I look so gross. None of my clothes fit. Why can't I figure this weight-thing out? I'm not even datable anymore. Who would want to go out with me? I hope no one tags me in that photo on Facebook.

Here are 101 things you can think instead, to begin creating a better-feeling story:

  1. I like the thought that my weight has nothing to do with my worth... or my beauty.
  2. I like the thought of dating someone who believes that too.
  3. I guess this is a good reason to call a girlfriend and plan a fun shopping day.
  4. I know my body is adaptable.
  5. I don't have to live with this extra weight forever, if I don't want to.
  6. I didn't gain it because I was "bad." I've just had different priorities lately.
  7. I know a few baby steps I could take to start feeling healthier today.
  8. I think I'll start by drinking a glass of water right now.
  9. This really isn't that big of a deal.
  10. I still really like my smile and my hair.
  11. I bet I can find some new, cute clothes I feel more comfortable in.
  12. Making peace with this weight gain doesn't mean I have to live with the extra weight forever. It just means I don't want to beat myself up in the process of becoming healthier.
  13. I'm done beating myself up. It hasn't got me where I wanted to go in the past. Why would it now?
  14. It feels better to be kind and soothing.
  15. I want to have fun and feel good on my health journey.
  16. I bet I'll be better able to sustain my results if I'm having fun on the journey.
  17. I'm actually kind of looking forward to this!
  18. I'm ready for a change!
  19. I'm ready to make taking care of myself a priority.
  20. Nothing's gone wrong here.
  21. The extra weight just got my attention. It reminded me that my health is important to me.
  22. It feels good to get clearer on my priorities.
  23. I like the thought of being an example of self-love.
  24. I want to show young girls that empowerment and confidence have nothing to do with weight.
  25. I want to show young girls that I can be at ease with my body.
  26. Change is a natural part of life.
  27. I don't need to battle it.
  28. I want to show young girls that they don't have to constantly be scared of these changes.
  29. I want to show young girls that how they feel and who they are isn't dictated by a number on a scale.
  30. When I think if it that way, it seems silly that I would put so much emphasis on a number.
  31. This is a good reminder that I have a lot to offer, regardless of my weight.
  32. I commit to kindness towards myself.
  33. Maybe I'll inspired a few other women to be more kind to themselves.
  34. Think of how the world could change if more women were kind to themselves.
  35. We would all have so much more energy to direct towards positive things!
  36. It's exciting to think of the possibilities available to me now, with this mindset shift.
  37. Plus, I've heard that it's easier for my body to let go of extra pounds when I'm happy and relaxed.
  38. What would be the benefit of working myself up over this and throwing my body into stressed-out mode?
  39. I know I'm doing the best I can.
  40. I don't need to justify this to anyone. (Plus, the person that's hardest on me is usually... me.)
  41. I'm going to take a few deep breaths. I always feel better when I do that.
  42. I think I'll feel better if I carve out a little time for a walk tonight.
  43. I like that I'm focusing on simply feeling better now.
  44. It feels better to focus on how I feel vs. all the numbers I was tracking before.
  45. Something tells me if I make feeling better my focus, extra weight will drop off naturally.
  46. I know how I want to feel: vital, radiant, alive, and beautiful.
  47. I don't have to wait to drop the weight to feel that way.
  48. I bet I quick walk or dance party in my kitchen could help me feel more vital.
  49. Trying something new might help me feel more alive.
  50. Maybe I'll search for a fun, healthy recipe to try tonight.
  51. Yoga or Pilates would probably feel great. Maybe I'll give them a try!
  52. Maybe this is a good reason to start or join a challenge.
  53. I like the thought of getting support.
  54. There's no need for me to do this all alone.
  55. Other people understand how I feel.
  56. I'm not alone.
  57. I can ask for help if I need it.
  58. I can start small.
  59. Small changes make a big difference.
  60. Small changes, like a short walk or a quick stretch, can make me feel better right away.
  61. I give myself permission to make my health journey about feeling better.
  62. There's leverage in feeling good.
  63. When I feel good, I want to continue the things that make me feel good.
  64. When I feel good, I build momentum towards what I want.
  65. When I feel good, I'm better able to sustain my efforts and their results.
  66. Maybe I'll buy a stability ball. That seems kind of fun!
  67. I think I'll call a friend to go on a hike this weekend. That would be nice.
  68. I'm going to reach out to that girl on Facebook who's always posting pictures of her healthy treats. Maybe she would be willing to share some recipes with me.
  69. Maybe one day I'll be the girl that people reach out to for healthy recipes.
  70. If I start taking a few healthy, baby steps today, I wonder what could change for me a month from now.
  71. How might my life be different a year from now?
  72. How would my life transform five years from now?
  73. Wouldn't it be nice if I got into such a routine with healthy food and movement that it became a habit?
  74. Wouldn't it be fun if I actually looked forward to exercise?
  75. It'll be exciting to see how my body responses to these changes!
  76. I'm really looking forward to feeling more comfortable in my body.
  77. I'm really looking forward to letting go of the battle with my body. I'd rather be friends instead.
  78. I think this conversation with myself is helping.
  79. I already feel like I appreciate my body more than I did a few minutes ago.
  80. I think my body is always doing the very best it can to keep me healthy.
  81. It's pretty amazing how adaptable it is.
  82. It's pretty amazing how adaptable I am.
  83. I'm proud of myself for being willing to see this differently.
  84. This mindset shift feels powerful.
  85. Who knew that a little kindness towards myself could be so transformative?
  86. I can see how guilting myself into action or trying to motivate myself through harsh words never really worked. I feel more inspired now.
  87. The "no pain, no gain" attitude is starting to feel "off" to me.
  88. Instead, I know when I focus on having fun, I'll be more likely to go on a run.
  89. And, I'm beginning to believe that if I focus on joy, I'll probably eat more bok choy.
  90. Finally, I'm starting to see that self-love is really something to be proud of.
  91. I think this is all easier than I was making it out to be.
  92. I'm ready to be less condemning and more curious.
  93. I'm ready to be less judgmental and more compassionate.
  94. I'm ready to be less serious and have more fun with this.
  95. I'm ready to be less strict and more inspired.
  96. I'm ready to stop making my body the enemy and ready to start befriending it.
  97. I'm ready to be kind.
  98. I'm ready to be an example for young girls who need me.
  99. I'm ready to make feeling better my primary goal.
  100. With my priorities in order, I trust the shedding of unwanted pounds will happen naturally, as a secondary benefit.
  101. What a relief!

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