10/10/10 Global Work Party: People Across The Planet Work With 350.org On Solutions To Tackle Climate Change (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Over 7,000 Events In 188 Countries Tackle Climate Change With A Global Work Party

On 10/10/10, people in 188 countries participated in over 7,000 events as a part of 350.org's Global Work Party to show their politicians that they are willing to get to work on addressing climate change in their community, and want their governments to do the same.

Bill McKibben, author and founder of 350, brought us some of the first images streaming in from across the world, as people participated in the biggest day of environmental action in history on October 10.

From planting trees and picking up trash to installing solar panels and repairing bikes, countless groups came together to do their part in reducing their impact on the environment.

"People are discouraged but they are taking out their frustrations in action," McKibben told AFP, referencing not only failed climate legislation in Washington, but stagnant efforts toward international solutions in U.N. negotiations. "They have decided that we are going to have to show our leaders what leadership looks like."

Check out the pics below to see how people across the world are doing their part, and share with us your efforts!

Photos And Captions Courtesy Of 350.org

Washington D.C.


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