103-Year-Old Celebrates Birthday As Wonder Woman, Is Our New Hero

Now THIS is how you do it.

Mary Cotter truly is a real life Wonder Woman, and it's not just because of her costume. The California centenarian celebrated her 103rd birthday Monday like any other day: by volunteering at the Montclair Senior Center, albeit dressed up as a superhero. 

Cotter has spent the past 25 years volunteering at the senior center. On her birthday, she served up drinks for members as usual, KABC-7 reports. "They call me the barmaid because I'm serving drinks," Cotter told the station. 

With her spunky outfit on, Cotter danced as the center celebrated her birthday, presenting her with a large cake she shared with members. It seems she's a source of inspiration at the center, serving as a reminder that age is simply a number. 

"Don't let anybody tell you that with age you have to lose anything," said center-goer Brian Ross. 

Staying active is what seems to be her secret to longevity. "Just keep busy," Cotter said, adding that her birthday was "just another day."

"She's like the Energizer bunny that keeps on going," Montclair Senior Center spokesperson, Ester Vargas Pipersky, told The Huffington Post. "She refuses a sit-down job and just wants to keep going. She's very friendly to everyone... Everyone gets a kick out of her." 

Other centenarians have also celebrated their birthdays in remarkable ways, like Georgina Harwood who spent her 100th birthday, earlier this year, by skydiving and swimming with sharks. Dana Jackson, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, marked her 100th year by getting married. 

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