104-Year-Old Great-Granddad Becomes Oldest Person To Get A Tattoo

What a badass!

At 104, we imagine there's not a lot you haven't seen or done. Perhaps that's why centenarian Jack Reynolds decided to celebrate his birthday by getting his very first tattoo. 

The great-granddad broke a Guinness World Record by getting inked, becoming the oldest person to receive their first tattoo. 

The Chesterfield, England native's choice of tat was simply his nickname and date of birth -- "Jacko 6.4.1912." 

Jack Reynolds, shows off his first tattoo which he got at age 104. 
Jack Reynolds, shows off his first tattoo which he got at age 104. 

Though it was his first time going under the tattoo needle, Reynolds seemed relaxed joking, "I'd rather be doing this than getting a haircut," and praising his tattoo artist for being "so gentle!" His daughter and grandson were right there with him, also getting tattoos, for moral support. 

Other post 50s have gotten inked in their golden years, to commemorate some sort of milestone and to show that age really is just a number. 

Reynolds' feat helped raise over £2,450, or approximately $3,400, for a local hospice. It's not the first time the centenarian has braced for a challenge to support a good cause. At age 102, Reynolds raised money for the ALS Foundation by partaking in the popular ice bucket challenge. 

What a badass. 



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