105-Year-Old Who Threw Out First Pitch Drinks THIS To Stay Young

Happy birthday, Elizabeth!

After her wedding day and her college graduation, 105-year-old Elizabeth Sullivan says throwing out the first pitch for her hometown Texas Rangers was among the best moments of her life. 

After turning 105 last month, the Fort Worth resident was invited to do the honor of tossing out the first ball of the game Wednesday, as her favorite baseball team took on the Seattle Mariners. 

Donning a home team jersey, Sullivan stepped up to the plate to pitch, flanked by the team's mascot. After weeks of prepping for the big day, she chose to throw overhand, as the crowd cheered her on. Some of her family members, including a few grandchildren, were also in the stands, proudly watching their grandma. 

"I was throwing underhanded (before) because that’s the way girls did when I was in school 50 or 60 years ago,” Sullivan told the Dallas Morning News. 

The retired math teacher has always been a fan of the Rangers but didn't attend her first game until after her 100th birthday. Never did she think she'd be out on the field tossing the ball.

Sullivan got to go home with her very own baseball, which she says she'll always treasure. 

As for how she finds the strength to toss the ball -- that's an easy one. Sullivan is famous for her love of the soft drink Dr. Pepper and she still drinks three cans a day. When the company heard of her devotion, they sent her a cake shaped like a can of the drink, along with a gift basket, for her 104th birthday.

Her doctors have warned against it, she's said, but her response is simple. 

"They died first, so I guess they made a mistake,” she said. 

What a woman. 



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