106-Year-Old Woman Says Beer Is The Secret To Her Longevity

A new meaning for "drink to your health."

Centenarian Sadie Snyder celebrated her 106th birthday Thursday and shared the surprising secret to her long life. Snyder told NECN News that she's been drinking beer for as long as she can remember -- since she was 6 years old.

Snyder said her father worked in the beer industry. "Every week, he'd bring home a case of beer, and I'd wait up for him to come so I could have it. By the end of the week, they were all gone," Snyder told NECN.

We're not sure if she threw back any drinks at her birthday celebration, but we do know there was a cake, a bouquet of flowers from her 105-year-0ld best friend, and even a card from President Barack Obama at the party hosted by her Boston-area assisted living facility.

Snyder says she's feeling "great" and her physical therapist agrees.

And perhaps the beer has something to do with it. Other centenarians have also said they can toast their health with a pint or two. A Staten Island woman turning 101 said that she still drinks beer and wine daily. Another Pennsylvania centenarian said "a lot of booze" has kept her going for 100 years.

The protein and B-vitamin content is said to be higher in beer than in wine and some evidence suggests it can increase your "good" cholesterol levels -- when drunk in moderation. But don't go rushing out to buy a six-pack just yet. Most physicians agree that it's not a good idea to start drinking if you don't already and that moderation and care are extremely important with alcohol consumption.

h/t NECN

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