11 Best Choices

We all have a story. We've all arrived at where we are today by embarking on a journey made up of great experiences, simple days and fun days. Every once in a while there's some monkey business, complicated messes and tragic sadness. Yet there is one constant we all share - No matter how much success or failure we encounter, we all put our pants on the same way: One leg at a time.

What are you going to do with your circumstances in life?
What choices will you make to better yourself?
What kind of legacy are you going to leave?
What gives you the most amount of energy and what sucks the life out of you?
It matters where you choose to spend your time. I talk a lot about time and why you do what you do. Choices are interesting.

Understanding choice is the first step. Then understanding your mindset is the next step. Are you a fixed mindset that is risk averse, does not care for change, likes things the way they are and will stay in the same job for life? Or are you a growth mindset that is constantly on the go, loves risk, like to view things from a 10,000 mile view, loves change and learning new information all the time? Neither are bad and no judgment! It's simply recognizing what mindset you have and the choices you have ahead of you.

Your Top 10 best choices define you. Your Bottom 10 worst choices also define you as well. We don't have enough article space to share my 10 worst choices, sorry. But I'll give you the cliff notes: These choices usually have something to do with negative people in my life and ignoring warning signs. Growth from success and failure is constant.

My Top 11 Best Choices I have made:

1. Helping people as often as I can

2. Getting Married and Divorced

3. Having 1 amazing, smart and handsome son

4. Coming out of the coma with a really positive mindset

5. Surrounding myself with incredibly influential people with collaborative and accountable mindsets

6. Being able to extensively travel and listening/learning from the natives

7. Meeting New People (and making the choice to execute this on a daily basis)

8. Getting consistent about the critical activities that align with my goals

9. Spending time and communicating with the people I love

10. Saying NO a lot

11. Laughing as much as possible

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