America's Promise Alliance Presents 11 Of The Best U.S. Communities For LGBT Youth

According to APA's website, the list is comprised of "100 deserving communities who effectively provide their youth with the Five Promises and work to increase graduation rates. Winning communities come from all across the country and are addressing the unique challenges they face."

Applications are submitted by individual communities and then judged by a "blue-ribbon panel of national leaders on youth issues." Each winning community receives a $2,500 grant to be used to "help fund a local program or service, within certain parameters" or "for a local event to celebrate the win."

This year the APA also included communities that focus support on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) youth. Offerings include resource centers, safe spaces and activities, counseling and mentoring. Other programming, like anti-bullying initiatives, also helped to address the needs of LGBT youth.

Below find 11 of the Best Communities for LGBT Youth and be sure to head to the APA's website for the full list and to find out how your community can nominate itself for next year's list.

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11 Of The Best Communities For LGBT Youth