11 Colleges That Do Not Require SAT Test Scores For Admission

More and more top universities have stopped requiring incoming students to submit SAT scores, according to Newsweek. Although the standardized test used to be one of the key factors in determining admission, its popularity among competitive institutions has started to wane -- many of these schools accept one or a combination of ACT, AP, IB or SAT subject tests and some have chosen to become completely test-optional.

Although initially introduced as a means of providing all applicants an equal shot at being accepted, some universities believe the SAT's democratic goals have gone awry. Students have to pay a fee to take it, and those who can afford to usually enroll in expensive prep courses or hire a private tutor. A number of researchers have concluded that a student's high school GPA is as good an indicator of performance in college as the SAT.

Some institutions, like Wake Forest University, found that dropping the SAT requirement increased their student body's diversity -- the percentage of undergraduate minority students rose from 18 to 23 percent once Wake Forest joined the ranks of SAT-free schools.

According to the National Center for Fair and Open Testing, at least 775 American colleges and universities are now test optional. Below, check out eleven competitive institutions where most -- if not all -- standardized tests are not required for admission.

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