11 Comics For Couples Who Are Basically Two Big Kids At Heart

Let's just build a pillow fort and escape the world, yeah?

Life is easier when you and your partner are more or less two big kids at heart. Just ask illustrator Caitlin Quijano.

On her site Anemone Lost, the 26-year-old Canadian artist draws witty, semi-autobiographical comics about adulthood and everyday life with her husband. They’re also super relatable; who hasn’t gotten peeved at their partner for the sin of Netflix adultery?

Quijano’s illustrations have netted her over 7,000 followers on Facebook, but her biggest fan is still her hubby.

“He’s been my biggest cheerleader since the beginning,” she told The Huffington Post. “When I draw a comic, my goal is always to make him laugh ― if I can do that, I know I’ve done my job.”

See more of Quijano’s endearing comics below or head to her site to see them all.

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