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11 Food Companies Removing Artificial Colors And Flavors By 2018

"We know people want to feel good about the foods they eat."

When you think of nacho cheese from Taco Bell, you probably picture a bright orange color that can really only be manufactured in a lab. That look will soon change, as the fast food chain plans to get rid of the artificial ingredients -- in this case, yellow dye no. 6 -- that cosmetically alter its food.

This kind of menu revamp has been adopted by many fast casual restaurants and big food brands this year. Kraft, Campbell Soup and many others have publicly announced promises to nix artificial ingredients and preservatives from most, if not all, of their edible offerings in the coming years, replacing them with natural alternatives.

The change comes at a time when consumer demand for healthier and more natural ingredients has surged: A 2014 report from the marketing research firm Nielsen showed that more than 60 percent of Americans found the lack artificial colors and flavors an important factor when making food purchases. While there isn't enough evidence to suggest that artificial flavors are harmful, removal is what the people want -- and their desires are being heard. Below, find 11 companies that are making changes to their foods now or in the near future.

Facebook/Chipotle Mexican Grill
Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut
Panera Bread
Facebook/Panera Bread
Nestle USA
Facebook/Hot Pockets
General Mills
Campbell Soup Company
Noodles & Company
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