11 Ridiculous, Strange, And Terrifying Gay Conversion Therapy Methods For 'Curing' Homosexuality

11 Ridiculous, Strange, And Terrifying Conversion Therapy Methods For 'Curing' Homosexuality

For as long as humans have found displeasure with the idea of homosexuality, there have been attempts to "cure" afflicted individuals of their "unnatural" urges.

Though same-sex attraction was once considered a dangerous, unwanted condition by medical professionals, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries, today doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists all agree that not only is homosexuality not an illness, but there is no proven method to relieve a person of his or her sexual orientation (nor is there any reason to attempt it).

Still, believe it or not, there are many organizations alive and well (and well funded) in the world who endeavor to convert gay men and women to heterosexuality and it seems hardly a week goes by without some new report on victims of "repairative therapy" -- or ex-gay leaders, like former Love In Action Director John Smid, admitting that the entire movement is a sham.

Earlier this year Marcus Bachmann, husband of presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann, was accused of running a conversion therapy clinic and just last week the Australian newspaper the Brisbane Times reported on a group known as Exodus Global Alliance that relies on "exorcisms, hugging, behavioural management and marriage," to treat homosexuality.

But exorcisms are -- frighteningly -- just the beginning. From bicycling to testicle transplants, below find 11 ridiculous, strange, and terrifying methods for "curing" homosexuality:


Ridiculous 'Cures' For Homosexuality

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