11 Creative Ways Your Thumbs Can Prevent Texting While Driving

Texting and driving is a major cause of accidents, yet 1 in 4 teens still does it. Keeping your friends focused on the road can be tough, so DoSomething.org created the Thumb Wars campaign, which encourages young people to make and share Thumb Socks with their friends to reduce texting and driving.

Yep, these lil' protective coverings for your thumbs remind others not to text behind the wheel. Here's how 11 DoSomething.org members got super creative while keeping their friends super safe.

1. Turning themselves into really awesome cartoons! It's called pop art and all the cool kids are doing it.

Melissa, 17

2. Promoting Thumb Socks using their adorable turtle friends. (No turtles were harmed while taking this pic.)

Ellery, 19

3. Transforming into a dog with opposable thumbs!

Braxton, 18

4. Transforming back into a human and inviting their actual dog to help promote Thumb Socks. With headphones, obviously.

Abigail, 16

5. Keeping friends safe on Abbey Road...and all roads. (The Beatles FTW!)

Elanor, 17

6. Creating DIY Thumb Socks to show that you shouldn't text while driving...or ghost ride the whip.

Ana, 15

7. Using parental photobombs to prevent texting and driving. Parents just don't understand...or do they?

Victor, 18

8. Some members aren't old enough to get behind the wheel. So they created their own.

Amani, 17

9. Pulling off really badass costumes and somehow tying themselves upside down? Gotta be honest, didn't see that one coming.

Kaleb, 17

10. Grabbing their pet lizard known as Lizard Larry to promote Thumb Socks. Lots of love, Larry!

Kaleb B, 21

11. Stealing their parents' magical flying car. No texting and flying!

Emma, 17

Want to bring texting while driving to a screeching halt? Sign up to make and share your own Thumb Socks!