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11 Gift Ideas To Create Unique Memories For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is mostly a family day where everyone gather with their loved ones and express gratitude for all sort of life experiences over the years.
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Celebrated every fourth Thursday in November, Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays in the United States. Thanksgiving is mostly a family day where everyone gather with their loved ones and express gratitude for all sort of life experiences over the years. It is a day that holds a lot of significance for most people in the US.

To make a Thanksgiving holiday memorable, it is best to express love by showering each other with gifts. Gift sharing/exchanging does add flavor to the reunion by creating memories that bring joy to the holiday. Here are some gift ideas that could make this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday more memorable for your loved ones.

1. Portable induction Cooktop

For your mum or any family members that appreciates the beauty of homemade meal, this could come in handy. The portable induction cooktop differs from the electric/gas cooktop. It is a smart and fast way to get foods cooked using induction. It is a modern, easy, portable, safe, and energy efficient means of cooking. Induction cooktop finds application in the home, office, gatherings, and can be used in any outdoor gathering as well.

Most induction cooktops are safe and built with the capacity to detect a cooking pan. Thus, there is no cause for alarm on forgetting to switch off. Imagine how your mum/aunt/wife etc will love this gadget if you present it as a thanksgiving gift! You can read more about this appliance in making your decision about the best induction cooktop to choose for your Thanksgiving gift.

2. Amazon Echo

As a Bluetooth speaker, the Amazon Echo is a powerful gift. Imagine having a device that will play your music from Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, and all you need is your voice.

What I love most about Amazon Echo is that I can read my audio books, get my traffic and weather reports, receive sports scores and schedules and even get info on local businesses. And did I mention that it allows hands-free convenience with voice control, and even if the music is playing across the room, it can hear you with far-field voice recognition.

3. Rechargeable Flash Light

With some specific type of rechargeable flashlight, you can literally turn night into day. This is the perfect gift for family members whose job involves working outside or in the dark like the cop. This type of gift is suitable for both sex, and could be handy around the home. Rechargeable flashlight comes in various specification and design, all with a reasonable number of run time on full charge.

4. Razor Electric Dirt Bike

This will make the perfect gift for the kids at thanksgiving. I cannot begin to highlight the importance of having your kid own and ride a bike. Bikes varies in size and specifications, with some designed to suit a single sex or both sex.

Bikes provide kids a great way to have fun and also get some exercise. In particular, razor Electric Dirt Bike have been reported to be safe and easy to maintain. Kids love bike, getting them one at Thanksgiving seems to be one of the sneaky way to create unique memories for them.

5. Fleece blanket

These affordable cozy blankets come in various colors and design pattern. It is a gift suitable for anyone as it gives a warm cozy feeling when in use. Even if you do not know what exactly any family member will appreciate, this could be your way out. Who doesn't appreciate a cuddly blanket?

6. Lego Board games

Want to keep the kids creatively occupied, the Lego Board games is your answer. It has the ability to task kids with various game options for them to play and enjoy. It is an interesting game that your kid is bound to love. It is usually associated with favorite movie characters like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Toy Story. Mind you, Lego board games is mostly suitable for kids ages 7 and up.

7. Wood Cutting Board With Groove

Cutting board is very important to the kitchen as almost all cooking task involves one form of cutting. Cooking is one of the unique things about thanksgiving. Bringing a cutting board with juice groove as a gift idea could show how thoughtful you are to your mum or wife.

8. Solar Phone Chargers

Although not a replacement to your normal wall chargers, but could serve as a useful assistant. Solar phone chargers could come in handy for family members who love traveling, or who are always on the move. The fact that almost everyone uses a Smartphone makes solar phone charger perfect gift for any member of the family/friend. Solar phone charger is equally ideal for people who love camping/hiking.

9. Decorative Pie Dish

This is the perfect gift for your daughter or daughter-in-law. Especially if this is their first time of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party. She will definitely adore being offered a pumpkin pie in a decorated pie dish. It is also a thoughtful gift that will be cherished and could be used for years to come.

10. Mattress in a Box

Thanksgiving means you are likely going to have a full house. One thoughtful gift for the millennial in the family could be the popular mattress in a box. It is a very supportive mattress that gives users the feeling of 'floating". It is an affordable mattress and save people from the stress of shopping mattress.

11. XBOX Kinect

This will be a thoughtful thanksgiving gift for the generation Z in the family. The new XBOX Kinect attaches to the current XBOX and gets you directly involve in the game. What makes it cooler is the presence of 3D cameras that detects movement, thus you are spared of hand controllers. Kinect is the perfect gift that could aid the bonding that occurs in family game time.

Now your turn, what are your own unique gift ideas for Thanksgiving?