11 Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up The Daily Struggles Of Womanhood

Honestly, f**k bras ✌️

From dealing with summer boob sweat to unfortunate hair days, being a woman comes with its own, specific set of...complications.

But for Romanian-Canadian artist Cassandra Calin, these complications inspire adorable ― and accurate ― depictions of daily life.

In her sketches, she perfectly captures some of the minute, day-to-day stresses so many women are familiar with. 

Below are 11 illustrations that perfectly nail the tiny moments, frustrations and hilarious complications of modern womanhood:

1. The first thing we do when we get home:

2. Why summer is both a beautiful dream and a hellish nightmare:

3. The very real struggles of keeping makeup on:

4. The perils of trying to self-diagnose your illnesses:

5. The moment you hope to God that tagged photo is a good one:

6. The moment you realize you’ll never quite pull off those hairstyles you see on Pinterest:

7. When you miss a spot with the razor:

8. When you go for the ~natural~ look only to be asked if you’re sick or tired, because LOL men have zero idea what no makeup actually looks like:

9. The terror of actually talking on the phone:

10. Everything about our periods:

11. When there’s no filter:



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