11 Internet Slang Words Every Middle-Age Parent Needs To Know

We are serious "Af" -- and we don't mean "Aunt Flo."

Tis the season of lights, and the folks at Bark ― a watchdog company that provides digital safety services ― would like to shed some of that light on what your kids might be doing online. Internet slang tends to evolve, often at a speed that parents struggle to keep up with, noted Brian Bason, CEO of Bark. Here are some current terms Bark says you need to know:


1. Lit/turnt/turnt up.

Yes, the English teacher in you might want to make that “turned” but when you see this in your teen’s texts, just know that it refers to getting stoned or drunk and you may worry less about his spelling. It can also mean something that’s popular, so you can moderate your concern. FWIW, “lit” has been around for some time. The mutilated turnt, though, is relatively new.


The internet has become the capital city of Bullies-ville. Kids are mocked, taunted, ganged up on, and lies are told about them. Vulnerable kids need to be protected from online bullying and intimidation. Pay attention to this one.

KMS means “kill myself. KYS is short for “kill yourself.”

3. Dabbing.

Dabbing is a reference to concentrated doses of cannabis. Interestingly, it is also a dance craze.

4. Af.

AF is short for “as f**k.” Used in this capacity, it means “extremely.” An example: “She is as hot Af.” Kind of leaves us longing for the simpler days when she just would have been “bad.” And when Af meant “Aunt Flo” ― menstruation.

5. 🍆 (Eggplant Emoji).

And what does an eggplant remind you of? This is the emoji used to refer to the penis.

6. 🍑 (Peach Emoji).

Again, a body part. This is the emoji used to refer to the butt.

7. 💦 (Water Squirting Emoji).

This emoji means to ejaculate and is used frequently in conjunction with the tongue emoji.

8. 9 and CD9.

A code 9 means parents are nearby.

9. 99.

Parents are gone.

10. ADR.

What you hope your teen won’t give out to internet strangers. It’s short for address.

11. 53X.

This is the code for sex.

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