11 Latina Actresses Who Would've Been Fantastic In The 'Ocean's 8' Reboot

Because all-female reboots should be empowering for Latinas, too.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures released a first look image of the “Ocean’s 8” all-female reboot on Monday, showing the film’s main ladies looking chic and suspicious in the New York City subway.

Barry WetcherWarner Bros

The “Ocean’s 8” cast seems to be exceptionally diverse for a film of its kind, with Mindy Kaling, Chinese-Korean-American rapper and comedian Awkwafina, Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter cast in the eight leading roles for the all-female reboot slated for June 8, 2018.

With such a large main cast, the film had plenty of opportunities (eight, to be exact) to infuse the film with real diversity. And yet, there’s one major demographic not represented among the leading ladies: Latinas.

Latinos make up 17.6 percent of the U.S. population, according to 2015 Census numbers, and is Hollywood’s most important audience when it comes to profits. “Ocean’s 8” is a great example of Hollywood’s overall lack of inclusion of Latinas when it comes to casting, which is one reason you didn’t see any Latina or Latino actors among these year’s Oscar nominees.

Somehow this too-big-to-fail franchise with numerous leads failed to find one Latina actress in Hollywood fit for the role. A particularly disappointing fact when you consider that 16 years ago “Ocean’s Eleven” featured Cuban-American actor Andy García in a starring role.

So we did the work for Hollywood producers and found several Latina actresses that would’ve been fantastic for the film. Since the heist in the “Ocean’s 8” plot happens at the Met Gala, we assumed the casting directors were looking for women who are both elegant and unafraid to jump into action. Not to mention they’d need the comedy chops to carry the humor the original films are known for.

Here are 11 Latinas with both comedy and action/crime acting credits who should, at the very least, be considered for an “Ocean’s 8” sequel.

Rosario Dawson
Sean Zanni via Getty Images
Rosario Dawson has spent much of her career between dramas and action, and she's not afraid of a challenge. Between her badass role as Gail in "Sin City" and her light-hearted performance in Chris Rock's "Top Five," we think she could more than handle juggling comedy and action in a heist film.
Gina Rodriguez
Emma McIntyre via Getty Images
Gina Rodriguez's big break came in the form of the CW's dramedy "Jane The Virgin," and the Golden Globe winner has proved she can master both humor and real emotion in the series. But the actress isn't afraid of a little action either, she starred in the 2016 disaster film "Deepwater Horizons."
Salma Hayek
John Parra via Getty Images
Salma Hayek jumped into action alongside Antonio Banderas in "Desperado" and "Once Upon A Time In Mexico." But the Mexican star also has a love for comedy, she was a favorite on the NBC series "30 Rock" and ABC's "Ugly Betty."
Eva Longoria
Philipp Schmidli via Getty Images
"Desperate Housewives" fans know that Eva Longoria can exude elegance, but she's most recently been giving TV comedy a shot with her NBC show "Telenovela" and a guest appearance on FOX's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine."
Michelle Rodriguez
Paul Archuleta via Getty Images
Michelle Rodriguez is the queen of the "Fast & the Furious" franchise and she's more than proven she's not afraid to take and throw a few punches in a gown (yup, that's how she "took on" Ronda Rousey on-screen). In 2013, she also starred in the comedy "Inappropriate Comedy."
Gina Torres
USA Network via Getty Images
Anyone who's seen the grace and sternness with which Jessica Pearson runs her New York City legal firm in USA Network's "Suits," knows Gina Torres is the perfect woman for a role in "Ocean's 8." Don't think she can handle a little action? Torres was both in the fan favorite "Firefly" and the final two "Matrix" films.
Eva Mendes
Cindy Ord via Getty Images
Eva Mendes has shone bright in comedies like 2005's "Hitch" and 2010's "The Other Guys," but she's also a "Fast & Furious" franchise alumna. If you're looking for sophistication and comedy, you've found it.
Morena Baccarin
FOX via Getty Images
Morena Baccarin has done everything from "Homeland" to "GOTHAM," as far as crime credits. But "How I Met Your Mother" fans may also remember her guest appearance as Chloe in the comedy series.
Zoe Saldana
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images
There's no denying Zoe Saldana is a sci-fi action pro with her roles in "Avatar," "Star Trek" and "Guardians of the Galaxy," the latter of which had its fair share of comedy. The actress most recently also starred in the mobster film "Live By Night." For more lighthearted credits look no further than "Crossroads" and "Guess Who."
Karla Souza
Stefanie Keenan via Getty Images
Karla Souza is more than familiar with crime thanks to her role in ABC's "How To Get Away With Murder," but the actress thrives in comedic films in her native Mexico. Check out her most recent lead role in "¿Qué Culpa Tiene el Niño?" and also "Nosotros Los Nobles."
Roselyn Sanchez
Paul Archuleta via Getty Images
Thanks to Lifetime's "Devious Maids," Roselyn Sanchez knows all about crime and, well, deviousness. But the actress also had a recurring role as an FBI agent in the CBS series "Without A Trace." And her comedy skills are evident in films like "The Game Plan" and "Boat Trip."

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