11 Lessons My Mother Taught Me That I Want My Future Children To Know

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1. We must be comfortable in our own skin. – This might take years of conscious practice on your part to feel confident and comfortable with who you really are at the core. Be sure to take time to find yourself. Don’t let anyone make you feel as though you will not be accepted for who you are. If you ever feel like you need to make changes to better yourself, then go ahead, but make sure you are making those changes for yourself and nobody else. It’s important to remember that you’re going to be the only person you’re always with so you need to spend a lot of that time getting to love who you are.

2. We must be aware that our beauty is far beyond our looks. – We all know that looks fade as we age, yet we place such high value on physical appearance. Ask yourself, “If everybody in this world were blind, how many people would you impress?” Start by bettering yourself from the inside. When it comes to relationships, do not choose the person who is the most beautiful, but rather a person who makes your world beautiful. Trust me when I say that beauty is seen and felt through your character.

3. We must always strive to be honest. – As adults, we learn to be careful with the feelings of others, too afraid to offend a person. This is when we decide to water down our thoughts and feelings. While I’m all for sparing the feelings of others, I am also a believer that the painful truth is more desirable than a comfortable lie. When you are faced with a situation, always remember to be true to how you feel. At the same time, do not take things personally when someone chooses to be honest with you.

4. We must be graceful when we are wronged. – It is only natural for our defense mechanisms to go up when we believe we are coming under attack. It’s true when they say that an eye for an eye will make the whole world go blind. Revenge will not make us feel any better. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful traits in the world. By forgiving someone, you are not condoning someone’s behavior, but rather you are releasing your anger in a positive way and deciding not to hold a grudge. Don’t allow someone to live rent free in your head and have control over your mind.

5. We must be always be kind to everyone. – In this fast-paced world, kindness and compassion take a back seat to self-interest. You will always have the gift of kindness to offer into the lives of others. You never know what kind of day somebody else may be having and your words and actions might just be everything they are desperately seeking. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself, too. We often are our own worst critics.

6. We must explore. – The world needs more of your wonder. It is such a rare thing to reach adulthood and maintain a sense of curiosity and a desire to keep growing beyond the person you are. Discover what excites you, what bores you, and everything in between. Take your time because the world will still be here, waiting.

7. We must give and be happy for other people. – Jealousy doesn’t suit you anything like happiness does. Everyone has a different path and your deepest desires are innate to you. Be sure to send warm wishes to others as others as they embark on their journey of success. Remember that when you radiate genuine, positive, and kind thoughts, those are what you will receive back from the universe. Aspire to be a giver ― a giver of love, good vibes, and strength.

8. We must learn to be in the present. – I know it can be difficult to live in the present because our brain is naturally wired to think in the past or future. Maybe you are not quite where you want to be by now, but that’s okay. You don’t need to have everything figured out because there is no rush and no timetable. Just keep going forward knowing that sometimes you will crawl and sometimes you will fly. In the meantime, appreciate what you have now because it will make your life a lot more enjoyable when you choose to see the good.

9. We must never spend our time trying to prove to our worth to someone. – If someone does not see your light, do not worry. Like moths, good people are attracted to flame and light, and they will come. You must also not forget that your worth is most certainly not defined by your “likes,” “followers” or “friends” on social media. We have become so self-absorbed and obsessed with proving something to others that we forget our self-worth.

10. We must look for the positive in everything. – Make opportunities from your difficulties. Get excited about overcoming challenges rather than being discouraged by them. Sometimes being optimistic isn’t always about being happy. It’s just taking what life throws at you and not letting it bring you down. Inspire others by looking at the good in them because sometimes they can’t see it in themselves.

11. We must let this world make us better, not bitter. – Many people are obsessed with pretending like they do not care, but it’s important to care and to be empathetic because our world needs it. Having an open and soft heart in a cruel world takes courage and strength. Just because people do not know how to honor the tenderness you are able to give, does not mean you withhold it from the world. This world has a habit of breaking people and rebuilding them with harder shells, but there’s a difference between having a hard heart and a resilient one.