11 Paintings, 10 Studio Shots and a Plein Air Paradise (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: 11 Paintings, 10 Studios, And A Plein Air Paradise
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Above: Artist Carolin Peters working late in her studio, Photo by Sasha R. Contreras

My series on paintings and studio shots continues this week with 11 artists participating. Thank you to all my friends -- and to the friends of my friends -- for getting the word out and helping me assemble this slideshow. There is a lot to learn from reading the tips and texts that accompany the studio shots.

The images, the palettes -- and in the case of artist Norman Turner the scenery -- are energizing.

If you or an artist you know would like to be considered for inclusion in a future slideshow, send me an email with an image of a recent painting at johnseed@gmail.com.

Robert Jackson: "Battle of the Sexes"

11 Paintings, 10 Studio Shots and a Plein Air Paradise

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